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EA predicts the winner of the next world championships!

Just under a month away from the kick-off of the 2022 World Cup and EA would have predicted the winning national team

In fact, after having guessed the winner of the three previous world competitions, she tries again. In 2014, you were able to guess that the winning team of the World Cup would be Germany; the same was repeated in 2018 with the victory of France. Even more surprisingly, EA was able to predict Spain’s victory (her first world title conquest) in 2010.

EA unveils the winning national team of the 2022 World Cup: it’s a South American team!

EA itself therefore wanted to try again with the 2022 World Cup and declared that the nation that according to its forecasts will be a winner is Argentina! The title has been missing from the nation since 1986 and, again according to EA forecasts, it will be one all-South American final seeing Brazil as their opponent. Unfortunately, however, it would not seem a very exciting game as the final result should be 1-0. That’s not all. Argentina will not only be the winning team of the World Cup, again according to EA, but Lionel Messi will win the “Golden Shoe” for scoring 8 goals in all seven games; in addition, the player will also take home the “Golden Ball” being the best player in the tournament.

EA predicts the winner of the next world championships!

EA’s other noteworthy predictions for the 2022 World Cup see England reach the Eighths only to be eliminated by the Netherlands for 3-1 and the United States go all the way to the Quarters, but they will be defeated 1-0 by France. If EA has been formidable in recent years in predicting the winning team at the World Cup, the same cannot be said for other major sporting events: in fact out of 11 Super Bowls, EA only managed to guess 5 winners. However, it should be remembered that with regard to the Super Bowl 49 he managed to guess the winner and also the exact result with the New England Patriots 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

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