EcoFlow: a range of products for simplified access to energy

EcoFlow: una gamma di prodotti per un accesso semplificato all'energia thumbnail

EcoFlow is a company specialized in production of portable power stations that aim to offer portable, clean and reliable energy. The company’s solutions ensure the ability to surpass traditional generators, revolutionizing the way energy can be accessed. EcoFlow’s product offering is divided into RIVER and DELTA lines. These products can represent the ideal solution to solve various problems related to the supply of energy.

EcoFlow products solve the problems related to energy supplies

In the event of blackouts and supply interruptions, for example, EcoFlow’s proposals represent a fof backup energy, easily integrated into the domestic system. These solutions also guarantee a approccio off-grid which allows to reduce the withdrawal of electricity from the grid by focusing, for example, on self-production through solar panels. EcoFlow products eliminate noise and emissionsharmful, minimizing maintenance.


A patented technology

EcoFlow’s energy solutions feature company-patented technologies. With the X-Stream Technology power stations can be recharged up to 80% in just 1 hour. With the’EcoFlow Battery Management System the state of health of the battery is adjusted through intelligent algorithms to maximize efficiency. The company’s devices are also combinable all’app l’EcoFlow. The application also allows you to remotely control, using your mobile device, the company’s power stations in a complete and smart way.

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