PlayStation 5: are the official customized bodies about to arrive?

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During the past few hours it has been confirmed that Sony has delivered a patent for the PlayStation 5 custom shells last November, to coincide with the launch of the console. This patent, simply called “Cover for Electronic Device”, Seems to show what should be the official colored bodies of PS5.

PlayStation 5: will the customized bodies arrive soon?

The patent, spotted by OP Attack, surfaced more than a year after that Matt MacLaurin, Sony’s former vice president of UX design for PlayStation, had hinted at a black version of the PS5. Sony has already released several different versions of its controller DualSense and of Pulse 3D Audio headphones, but the PS5 console has always remained white, at least for now.

Third-party manufacturers have attempted to fill the void in the past few months, but Sony has been threatening to take legal action, which makes more sense in the light of this patent. One small company in particular was the subject of a complaint by the Japanese giant, and was forced to cancel and pay refunds to all customers who bought one of their bodies.

That said, the patent in question describes the shells very vaguely as an “ornamental design of a cover for an electronic device”. So at the moment it is It is difficult to establish whether this patent refers to replacement faceplates, or more simply to a secondary body that can be freely applied to the console.

However, many users are theorising that this is a sort of teaser of the customization options of the PlayStation 5, which will soon be introduced on the market. On the other hand, if this were not the case, it would not make sense to take related actions against third party distributors.