Twitch Rivals Apex Legends: i risultati del TeamHal e TeamLucy

In this news dedicated to the new Twitch Rivals of Apex Legends we will discover the results obtained by the Italian teams: TeamHal and TeamLucy and the winners

After last Twitch Rivals played on Warzone, a new competition was organized on Apex Legends and there were two Italian teams to participate: the TeamHal and the TeamLucy, of which we will soon discover the results. After the new season, the Respawn title recorded very interesting numbers, also thanks to the numerous innovations added in this very new season (the ninth), called Legacy.

Twitch Rivals Apex Legends: here are the results of the Italian teams: TeamHal and TeamLucy!

Before moving on to actual results achieved by TeamHal and TeamLucy in this new Twitch Rivals from Apex Legends, let’s clarify some of them a bit rules of this tournament. To participate were well twenty teams, each of them led by a player, not necessarily a professional. The competition, played on private servers, for a total of 6 games, it was very kills-based, in fact the placements only served to multiply the kills carried out, according to this scheme:

  • 16-20: x1
  • 15-11: x1,25
  • 10-6: x1,50
  • 6-2: x1,75
  • 1: x2

Twitch Rivals Apex Legends: i risultati del TeamHal e TeamLucy

A tournament that prompted, therefore, the participants to adopt a rather aggressive and marked style of play to action and spectacle. The Italian guys have gotten, as far as the TeamHal, consisting of HalTV (captain), Nisa and the Russian Hardecki la fourth position. The TeamLucyinstead, consisting of LucyFPS (captain), Zerefftv and Mox600 la nona position. The tournament was instead won by Teamgdolphn Did you follow the Italian boys and cheer for them? Please let us know by leaving yours comment in the appropriate section.

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