Elden Ring: Approximately 20 million copies sold

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One year after its release Elden Ring reaches about 20 million copies sold, a peak that even surpasses the sales of Dark Souls III

They say it themselves Bandai Namco Entertainment e FromSofware, Elder Ring one year after its release it sold more than 20 million copiessurpassing by leaps and bounds Dark Souls III FromSoftware’s most successful title. A respectable record for a title that was immediately welcomed with enthusiasm by both critics and the public. And in this regard, we recommend reading our review of this video game phenomenon, which we intend to believe will be talked about for a long time to come.

Elden Ring: the record of copies sold

All of us remember the release of the video game, which saw the light on February 25, 2022and since then Elder Ring continues to unleash theories and discussions of gamers all over the world, this to try to give an explanation to the deep and mysterious lore. As already mentioned above, the game was received more than warmly by gamers and was critically acclaimed.

Elden Ring: Approximately 20 million copies sold

Behind the video game there was not only the mastery of FromSoftwarebut also the influence and minds of names like Hidetaka Miyazaki in collaboration with George R.R. Martinwhich, although there is no need for an introduction, is known to the whole world as the creator of A Song of Ice and Fire. In short, not really two novices and out of ideas. The development house with this creature of his also fielded something innovative for the series, namely the open world structure.

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