Elden Ring: character creation screen leaked

A video has appeared on YouTube that previews an incomplete version of the Elden Ring character creation screen

Elden Ring certainly is one of the most anticipated games of all 2022 and incredibly, there are now just over thirty days left for its publication. Over the past few months we have had several opportunities to see the new title in action FromSoftware thanks to several trailer and above all al network test, but all this has not been enough to appease the curiosity of some people. In fact, a leaker recently uploaded a video to YouTube in which an incomplete version of the Elden Ring character creation screen is shown.

Elden Ring takes a big step forward

In the video published by IS SO you can observe a character creation screen to say the least incomplete, but despite this we can still get an idea of ​​the quality of the editor and notice some interesting details of the title. If you’ve played the Dark Souls and Bloodborne saga, then you certainly remember how difficult it was to create an aesthetically beautiful PC. But now the company has finally decided to make an effort to improve their editor, as it now appears that it is possible making beautiful characters much easier (although you can always create monsters if you want).

However, the ER-SA video does not only highlight the quality of this new editor, but us it also allows you to observe some goodies. Despite the almost total lack of text in fact it is possible to notice that at the beginning of the game you can choose between ben ten different classes. Furthermore, it seems that the Elden Ring will also make a return initial gifts, that is, objects that you can take with you from the beginning of your adventure.

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