iPad, a 15-inch model and OLED display is coming

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Apple may soon launch a iPad me too 15 inch with OLED screen. One of the producers of the Apple supply chain, the Chinese one BOE, has converted one of their own factories to produce this type of panel.

BOE will produce OLED displays for 15-inch iPads

According to reports from the Korean newspaper The Elec, BOE has converted one of its Chinese factories to produce screens OLED also for tablets or computers, as well as for smartphones. The company has become one of Apple’s suppliers for i display on iPhone 13 last year, buying the confidence of Cupertino.

According to The Elec, it is now converting the plants to produce significantly larger, 15-inch OLED cloths. Historically, Apple has wanted to break away from the 15-inch laptop standard that Windows computer manufacturers have. Furthermore, this news aligns perfectly with what was reported by Mark Gurman last year, where he explained that Apple was working on a 15-inch iPad. Which would also have done from smart screen for the home, complete with a special dock station developed by Apple.

The Elec reports that the company will be able to produce OLED with two RGB light emitting layers (red, green and blue). This could allow the screens, while retaining the deep black and infinite contrast of the OLED panels, to be very bright. But these are complex displays to make, especially for a company that has never made similar panels. It seems plausible that Apple wants at the moment only proof that the supply is feasible. The 15-inch OLED iPads will most likely arrive in a few years, if the tests are convincing.

In the last few years Samsung e LG they supplied the OLED panels and not just to Apple. But Apple is trying to diversify its suppliers, in order to ensure more advantageous prices and quick supplies. We will keep you updated on the future of this 15-inch OLED iPad, which is still very uncertain for the moment.

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