Elden Ring: Collector’s Edition revealed

Waiting for the Elden Ring gameplay video, some leaks have shown what will be the Collector’s Edition of the game

In the last few minutes Bandai Namco will have the opportunity to present a video gameplay by Elden Ring lasting fifteen minutes, after having officially announced it on Twitter yesterday on the official FromSoftware profile. But in addition to that, through some advertisements on Twitch, the Collector’s Edition of the game has already been anticipated, showing the various exclusive content which will be featured in this special edition of the physical copy of Elden Ring.

La Collector’s Edition di Elden Ring

The image relating to the promotional announcement with the Elden Ring Collector’s Edition popped up after a user posted the commercial on Reddit, and was subsequently re-shared by a well known leaker Twitter, also attaching the aforementioned screen regarding advertising, where the bundle of this is shown in all its beauty complete edition of Miyazaki’s new title, Elden Ring. The probable price of this fantastic collection has not yet been leaked, but it could be that in the next few hours it will be unveiled along with the gameplay video.

This Collector’s Edition will have the game inside, with one steelbook packaging exclusive and an artbook containing 40 pages of drawings and concept art. The soundtrack official title, along with a statue of the iconic character shown so far in the various trailers of Elden Ring, or Malenia – Blade of Miquella; it is a model about twenty centimeters high. The box that will close everything is signed by the well-known symbol of Elden Ring, depicting the tree that represents the Interregnum.

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