Elden Ring: George RR Martin talks about his work behind the game

Elden Ring arrives in a few months and George RR Martin, one of the best known fantasy authors, talks about the work he did for the title

Very few will be released Elden Ring, the new title from the creator of the iconic Souls works which he won for the second time the “Most Awaited Game” award at this year’s TGAs. In recent weeks there has been the opportunity to find out more details about the game, not only thanks to the gameplay videos but also through a network test made accessible for a small number of users. In case you are interested in knowing our impressions about it, we invite you to retrieve the preview on our site. Either way, he’s been known for years as George RR Martin contributed to the creation of the world by Elden Ring, and a few hours ago through a post on his blog he briefly talked about the experience he lived while he was at work with Hidetaka Miyazaki and the FromSoftware studio.

George RR Martin and his approach to video games with Elden Ring

The world of Elden Ring stands out from the most popular open world titles thanks to an extreme attention to detail that characterize it. George RR Martin was involved with Miyazaki and the development studio several years ago, asking him to create a story behind this new game on which they were working, and which in the future would take the name of Elden Ring. Martin doesn’t see himself as a video game guy, but he still found the offer too exciting to turn down. He had been asked to take care of the worldbuilding of the title: the setting should have been deep and dark. The role that George RR Martin played may be marginal, but it was nonetheless a fundamental point in the realization of the narrative accompanying the entire work.

Elden Ring: George RR Martin talks about his work behind the game

In fact, we have seen how Elden Ring possesses an atmosphere that ismana feelings of wonder, with an intrinsic mystery that leads to explore any space and tunnel. Finished his part, Martin then left the bulk of the work to Miyazaki and FromSoftware, and the rest is now history. Even the author is aware of how much effort there is behind a video game, and all the years spent in the production of Elden Ring are finally coming to a conclusion, with the official release. now at hand. Finally, although George RR Martin is not a gamer, from his post it emerges that he had a rather interesting videogame experience, with strategic titles such as Master of Orion, Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Railroad Tycoon.

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