Grand Theft Auto VI: the official announcement of the development arrives

Almost ten years after the release of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games surprised users with the official announcement of the development of GTA VI

Some titles tend to never die: Skyrim, fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls saga, she just turned 10 last year, while we are still waiting to see news on the development of the sixth episode. Furthermore, among the most popular titles that still await a sequel there is undoubtedly also Grand Theft Auto, which is also about to celebrate ten years since its release. This fifth episode remains to this day one of the most played video games of all time, which has seen a distribution not only cross-platform but also on three different generations of consoles.

Still, these continued big bucks that GTA V gets, whether it’s the number in sales or active players or the sovereignty in many categories of platforms like Twitch and YouTube, show up. as a negative for those who would like to finally see something new by the development house. However, Rockstar Games seems to have finally noticed the requests of the fans, since right in these hours it has released an announcement about Grand Theft Auto VI on its social profiles and official page, confirming it in progress.

The official announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI

The British company announced earlier, first through a post on Twitter and then through its other channels, that the work in progress on the next chapter of Grand Theft Auto has been underway for some time, and that in the not too distant future it will be possible to share more details with all fans. The Rockstar Games announcement remains rather meager of information, even avoiding giving an official name to what is commonly referred to as “Grand Theft Auto VI”. The statements released focus on showing the awareness of the focus reserved for GTA V, often reported to the company also by players and fans. Rockstar then confirms the intent to embark on a new project, with the relentless goal of always pushing beyond what was previously created.

And so, the work in progress for the next edition of the Grand Theft Auto franchise is also confirmed, which would be “already well underway”. Now, after all the rumors released previously (some of which concern various serious problems in development) it can be considered official the existence of a GTA VI. Furthermore, knowing Rockstar Games, it shouldn’t be surprising if the actual announcement of the title will come on the occasion of the anniversary of the release of GTA V, scheduled for next September 2022, and then place the official launch of the game the following year. .

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