Bonus colonnine elettriche: domande per professionisti e imprese al via dal 15 marzo thumbnail

Electric column bonus: applications for professionals and businesses starting from March 15th

The government’s efforts in favor of electric vehicles continue, even if for now the results are uncertain.

At the start of 2024 we wrote about a first ecobonus from the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, which was followed by new incentives in favor of the purchase of “low polluting emission cars”, with an economic commitment of 950 million of Euro.

After which the Mise reopened the desk for requesting concessions for electric vehicle charging stations dedicated to domestic users. The application can be submitted from 12:00 on 15 February 2024 to 12:00 on 14 March 2024.

And from the following day, Friday 15 March, the electricity column bonus can be requested by professionals and businesses. Let’s see how.

The electric column bonus for professionals and businesses

The charging station bonus for businesses and professionals supports the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure to support the ecological transition in the mobility sector. This bonus is promoted by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security and managed by Invitalia.

The ministry itself announces on its website the reopening of the electricity column bonus for professionals and businesses, specifying that as much as 70 million euros (the initial total allocation was 87.5 million) are still available.

The contribution

The electricity column bonus is aimed at “businesses of any size throughout the national territory and individual professionals, for an amount equal to 40% of the eligible expenses incurred after 4 November 2021 and subject to electronic invoicing.

These may concern the purchase and implementation of charging infrastructure, including the costs of installing the charging stations, the electrical systems, the strictly necessary building works, the systems and devices for monitoring.”

The contribution can also cover (up to 10% of the cost of purchase and installation) the costs incurred for connection to the electricity grid and those for design, works management, safety and testing.

Who can apply for the electric column bonus

Businesses of any size, operating in all sectors and throughout Italy, and professionals can apply for the benefit.

Both must comply with some requirements specified on an ad hoc page on the Invitalia website, the same on whose platform it will be possible to forward the request.

Eligible expenses must be incurred after November 4, 2021 and documented via electronic invoicing.

The contribution cannot be cumulated with other contributions, grants and public benefits granted for the same expenses. AND each beneficiary can submit only one application.

When to send the application: the time window

Applications for the column bonus for professionals and businesses are digitalised: applications can be sent online from 12.00 on 15 March 2024 until 17.00 on 30 June 2024.

The platform will be activated on the Invitalia website.

How to apply

You must access the personal area of ​​the Invitalia website via the public digital identity system (SPID), electronic identity card (CIE) or national services card (CNS).

This procedure concerns both professionals (for whom “the value of the charging infrastructure cannot exceed 20,000.00 euros”) and companies requesting the relief “for the purchase and installation of charging infrastructures of a total value less than 375,000.00 euros.”

For purchases and installations of infrastructure with a total value equal to or greater than this figure, companies will be able to send the application only via certified email (PEC) to [email protected], again from 12:00 on 15 March 2024 at 5pm on June 20, 2024.

Electricity is slow

Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, Minister of the Environment and Energy Security, said: “With the reopening of the desk we want to provide new opportunities for the development of electric mobility in the country, consistently supported by the PNRR and central to achieving the objectives of the PNIEC”.

Yet, as we recalled when talking about the similar bonus reserved for domestic users, the transition towards electric is struggling to take off.

In the past two years, 80 million euros have been made available for the measure reserved for natural persons. And less than 7 were given out.

While, for the bonus electricity columns for professionals and businesses, we have already mentioned the initial allocation, which was 87.5 million euros. And after an initial opening of the door, there are still 70 available.

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