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Electric Mini Countryman: all the news

Waiting for the new one rises 100% electric Mini Countryman. Above all, there is so much curiosity about one of the most iconic cars in the automotive world. What do we know so far about the 100% electric Mini Countryman? Let’s say enough and for lovers, we anticipate that it goes into production from November 2023. Where? Inside the factory of BMW Group in Leipzig, Germany.

100% electric Mini Countryman, the new details

The automaker is banking heavily on its electrification strategy 100% electric Mini Countryman. Above all, let us remember that MINI’s goal is to be in 2030 an electric brand.

Mini Countryman 100% electric, source site MINIMini Countryman 100% electric, source site MINI

The new Mini has grown in size. Now, we have more precise numbers. According to reports, the new model is 4,429mm long. That is 13 cm more than the current Countryman. The height is almost 6 cm more, to reach 1,613 mm. Thanks to its larger dimensions, the car offers more space for passengers.

Mini Countryman 100% electric, everything revolves around the FAAR platform

The car rests on the platform SHEEP, the same used by the latest generation of the BMW X1. With whom he will share some technical choices. While for powertrains, the electric MINI Countryman is proposed in two versions.

First, we have the MINI Countryman E . This can count on a single 140 kW/191 HP electric motor. At the top of the range we find the MINI Countryman SE ALL4. Equipped with two electric thrusters and four-wheel drive.

This is the same powertrain as the BMW iX1 capable of delivering 230 kW/313 hp. Powering the two units of the top-of-the-range model is one 64.7 kWh battery which will allow the Countryman to have one distance of about 450 km. Nothing has been said about recharging but on the new iX1, this accumulator, in direct current, can carry out a full load of energy up to a power of 130 kW.

Mini Countryman 100% electric, source site MINIMini Countryman 100% electric, source site MINI

The 100% electric Mini Countryman winks at the planet

The interior of the electric Mini is in recycled polyester made from PET bottles and carpet residue. However, past spy photos had allowed us to observe that we will find a large central circular screen from which it will be possible to manage all the functions of the car.

Teasing some new details of its upcoming electric model, MINI has also shared a series of images of the electric Countryman. The car still appears covered in foils to hide the design details. However, apart from the increase in size, we can observe some innovations on the front starting from the new circular headlights and on the rear where we will find optical groups with a new design.

Nothing has been said, however, on the characteristics of the endothermic versions. All that remains, therefore, is to wait for more information on the debut of the new Countryman.

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