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KIA EV9 the new seven-seater electric SUV

The electric revolution at home KIA includes the new SUV seven seats EV9. The new EV9 projects the Korean brand into the premium large SUV market. Above all there is a new driving experience, comfort and well-being for the driver. Comfort and relaxation for passengers thanks to the generous dimensions.

The engineers of the Korean company have designed the frame structure of the EV9. This with the aim of offering high levels of protection for the occupants and the battery.

All this is thanks to the adoption of the first B-pillar integrated structure. It is an unprecedented solution (first in the world and patent pending), and thanks also to a frame with considerable torsional rigidity.

The new Suv EV9 made to specification platform per vehicles electric E-Mgp. Offer three rows of seats to accommodate up to seven people on board. Not only that, you have the ability to rotate the second row seats 180 degrees. Thus to thus create a convivial environment in the passenger compartment.

KIA EV9, clean lines and elegant interiors that look to the future

The clean lines of the SUV KIA EV9 characterize the car. We also find them in the interiors where the minimalism of essentiality dominates. Inside is a large 12.3” display that extends from driver to passenger.

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This makes it possible to greatly simplify the presence of buttons for the benefit of a clear and intuitive digital interface.

KIA EV9, font site KIAKIA EV9, font site KIA

The choice of sustainable and soft materials gives the new KIA EV9 the feeling of an elegant and suffused environment. These create an atmosphere inspired by natural elements (light, air, earth and water). During the day, the passenger compartment is illuminated by the transparent double roof. While the various interior lighting possibilities accompany night trips.

In the future Kia intends eliminate i coatings in skin. So to increase the usage of materials of vegetable origin such as corn, sugar cane and natural oils. Already today, the proceeds from the recycling of over seventy PET bottles.

On the technology front. In addition to the traditional safety and driving assistance systems (15 sensors and 2 Lidar), the new Highway Driving Pilot system leads to level 3 of “autonomous driving”, allowing you to maintain a certain distance from the car in front, keeping the vehicle at inside the detected lane indicators, all without having to touch the steering wheel.

KIA EV9, font site KIAKIA EV9, font site KIA

Furthermore, with the “Kia Connect Store” and over-the-air updates, it will be possible to implement the car’s functions by choosing from your smartphone optionals such as, for example, the Remote Smart Parking Assist 2, Acceleration Boost and the latest digital lighting looks. In terms of autonomy, the manufacturer declares up to 541 km (Long range model with 99.8 kWh battery), while with a 15-minute refueling, if carried out with the 800-volt ultra-rapid charging system, 239 km can be obtained of travel.

The four-wheel drive version, AWD, is distinguished by the presence of two electric motors for a power of 283 kW and a torque of 600 Nm which allows the EV9 to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 6 seconds, while with the Power boost (optional) the torque reaches 700 Nm and the 0-100 km/h sprint takes just 5.3 seconds. On the domestic market, the new Kia EV9 will be available in the second quarter of 2023 and for the other markets, including Europe, it will be necessary to wait for the second half of the year when equipment and price lists will also be defined.

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