Electric scooters: a course to guide them safely

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In the world of city ​​mobility the electric scooters have been slowly built. They are particularly useful means of covering the so-called “last mile”, especially in cities where a sharing service is available. It was a long journey, passed through regulations and bureaucratic steps. Today, however, electric scooters are an increasingly widespread reality and it is important to know how to use them safely. And a new project by UNASCA e Voi Technology aims to achieve this goal.

Safety first, even on board electric scooters

A few days ago the first practical driving course of these vehicles at the Motorization Civil of Milan. Born in the context of the European Mobility Weekit was an opportunity to learn more about electric scooters and find a way to make the most of them, minimizing the risks for those who drive them and those around them.

The project was born from a collaboration between the association of Italian driving schools UNASCA e Voi Technology, one of the main sharing services in the city of Milan. More than a hundred people got on board one of the scooters available, to tackle a path that put to the test in complex situations that could occur on the street.

This initiative is completely immersed in a more comprehensive training. It all starts with a theoretical training module that you already have dozens of Italian driving schools have chosen to integrate into their courses. One way to better understand the rules relating to electric scooters and move safely on these two wheels.

Not only that, but this is also accompanied by a special digital driving school (completely free). Is called Ride Like Voila and is managed directly by Voi Technology, which encourages its completion, offering students who try their hand at it several advantagesincluding credits to be exploited for the rental of vehicles on the sharing service.

The floor to the bodies involved

The launch of the first Milanese driving course dedicated to safety on electric scooters it involved various organizations and personalities from this world. An opportunity to reflect on the increasingly important role of these tools in urban mobility. Emiliano PatellaPresident of Driving Schools UNASCA, commented on this initiative as follows:

“The driving schools that UNASCA represents are recognized for road education and the training of drivers and not only those who need to obtain a driving license. For this reason we are actively involved in all initiatives concerning mobility and road safety “.

He joined him Francesco GrecoDirector of the Civil Motorization of Milan, who added:

“Motorization, with its role in assessing and certifying drivers and vehicles, is also an important element of the road safety chain. For this reason we have decided to support and take part in this interesting initiative for the Milanese “.

Finally, it closes Magdalena KrenekGeneral Manager Italy of Voi Technology, who issued the following statement:

“Micro-mobility is the complementary element both to urban public transport and to medium-range travel in one’s car. For this it is necessary that motorists and motorcyclists also know how to drive and where you can drive and park a scooter in the city: both to improve the coexistence between different vehicles in urban traffic, and to begin to recognize the scooter as a vehicle to integrate the own private vehicle for getting around the city, especially in the first and last mile “.

And you, do you know how to drive electric scooters safely?

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What do you think? Are you curious about know more about this project and maybe test your knowledge on this aspect of mobility? Then visit the site dedicated to Ride Like Voila to find out everything you need!