Intel chooses Veneto for the chip factory

Intel svela il suo futuro all

Intel and the outgoing Draghi government chose the Veneto for the construction of the new chip plant in Italy. The city of Traffic it will be the epicenter of Intel’s multi-billion dollar investment in our country.

Intel will build the chip factory in Vigasio, Veneto

The American chipmaker Intel is investing in new production infrastructures both in the United States and in Europe, where it intends to bet in the coming years 80 billion euros in the construction of plants.

In Italy, the company will invest 4.5 billion euros for the construction of the plant, and then increase the investment over time. Leading to the creation of 1,500 direct jobs and another 3,500 through suppliers and partners. Operations will take place from 2025 to 2027.

According to Intel’s plans, in Italy we will handle the packaging and assembly of the chipsusing advanced technologies to streamline the process.

According to two sources heard by Reuters, who remain anonymous, the agreement is already there but the Draghi government will not discuss it until the results of the political elections are final, which they will replace the current Senate and Chamber of Deputies.

Vigasio, near Verona, appears in the list of possible places chosen but would have an advantage over other places in Piedmont. Instead they seem to exclude the areas of Lombardy, Puglia and Sicily. The government would be ready to finance up to 40% of Intel’s investments. But it seems that Draghi would be willing to leave the honor of announcing the deal to the next government, as long as the deal can be closed.

We will keep you posted.