#FORUMAutoMotive: an event dedicated to the future of mobility

#FORUMAutoMotive: un evento dedicato al futuro della mobilità thumbnail

The event ended #FORUMAutoMotive which presented a rich program of contents and interventions dedicated to future of the mobility sector in a constantly evolving socio-economic context. The entire event can be streamed at any time. Here’s everything you need to know.

#FORUMAutoMotive: an event full of contents to talk about the future of mobility

The complete program of #FORUMAutoMotive it was particularly eventful. In fact, there has been talk of changes in mobility with the talk The changing mobility: Italians in chaos. It is necessary to inform and train. Subsequently, the topic moved on to the energy transition that is characterizing the market with a second talk Energy transition: haste, words and few facts. But will everything go as the EU foresees? The third talk focused on sustainability with the title Green crusade and social sustainability: what risks without a true balance. It should be noted that during the event there was also an opportunity for an interview with Gilberto PichettoDeputy Minister for Economic Development, by Pierluigi Bonora, promoter of FORUMAutoMotive, and Maria Leitner (Rai TG2).

How to review the event

Per review the whole event, featuring over four hours of content, you can link to the #FORUMAutoMotive Facebook page from which it will be possible to recover all the talks that characterized this interesting appointment.