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Elegoo Jupiter: a new 3D printer on Kickstarter

We are now running out with theThe new announcement of Elegoo: comes up Kickstarter the new 3D printer the resin Jupiter. This is a product from important format, with a plate measuring 277.848 × 156.06 × 300 mm. Accuracy of 51 um thanks to a screen LCD 6K (5448 x 3064) 12.8 “. For those who pre-order on Kickstarter there will be economic benefits that should not be underestimated.

In detail, the prices are:

  • The price for the basic version of the kickstarter is $ 600 instead of $ 1300. The bundle is called Early Bird and includes only the Jupiter printer;
  • Second option, the Kickstarter Special, has a price of 740$ instead of $ 1300 and contains a Jupiter 3D printer
  • For those wishing to take something more, there will be the Kickstarter Special Packagw with a price of 798$ instead of $ 1400. The bundle contains an ELEGOO Jupiter 3D printer and an extra tray
  • To finish there will be the Kickstarter Special Package+: at the price of 850$ instead of $ 1500 you will have in your hands an ELEGOO Jupiter 3D printer, an extra tray, 5 FEP 2.0 and an air purifier.


Elegoo Jupiter: automatic resin feeding

One of the most interesting parts we find on the Elegoo’s Jupiter is definitely feeding the resin. Being a large 3D printer, the product tends to consume a lot of resin during production. Recharging it continuously would be very complicated. For this reason, the manufacturers have thought about inserting a automatic resin feeder.

Elegoo’s R&D team tested several models before achieving automatic feeding and ultimately succeeded in doing so. The premises are really good and interesting.

So, if you are looking for a new 3D printer, this could definitely be for you. We are very curious to test its potential, hoping that this Kickstarter will be able to bear fruit.

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