Review It can be said without voice: the importance of contact

The register tells of the essential importance of physical contact for the emotional development of children and it does so with immeasurable sweetness. Let’s see better with this review of It Can Be Told Without Voice

Sometimes silence manages to express emotions that words would not be able to fully describe, or worse, would risk minimizing. In this review of It can be said without a voice we will discover how important physical contact is, more than just “I love you”.

The plot | Review It can be said without voice: the importance of contact

A giraffina voiceless, she is used to giving her love with gestures, her mother taught her to do so. Kiss after hug, the giraffe’s affection is reciprocated and voila, all the animals soon begin to speak in the language of love, silent and dumb.

The silence | Review It can be said without voice: the importance of contact

Silence leaves no room for interpretation, it cannot be misunderstood like words. Silence is direct, authentic and often manages to express many more emotions than we think. In silence we cannot hide and we can only be.

Giraffes have no voice. The cat meows, the dog barks, the sheep bleat but the giraffes have no direction. Not a problem because their love can be said without speaking. You can say and explain to other animals why love is like this: contagious. Everyone knows that to love or love someone you don’t need a voice but simple contact. From the giraffe begins a domino of emotions and gestures that push the animals next to her to do the same.

The book itself is divided into two parts: the first that shows us love, understanding and needs through words and verses and the second that changes the story by overturning the needs of the animals that are shown in all possible sweetness. There are no words but cuddles and hugs.

The importance of physical contact

In the illustrated book we notice how much the life of animals can change in the face of the discovery of physical contact. Many things, previously superfluous, acquire new value.

The protagonists are not put at random, however. Animals, unlike humans, do not have words but simple verses, yet they are able to communicate and transmit love more than we can. Perhaps because taken by the frenzy, by the desire to arrive, by the races of a typical day, by anxieties, we put aside emotions, setting them aside in the dirty and desolate corner of our soul. We forget about to live. And how does a child start living and exploring? With the contact.

Touch is the fundamental means through which we come into contact with the world and the skin, which fully covers us, is the largest sensory organ. For children, especially if they are just born, physical contact is fundamental and innate. In fact, it improves mental health and physical and physiological parameters, stimulates thermoregulation and strengthens the immune system.

An example, perhaps little told, is that of marsupials and the consequent pouch therapy that brings well-being to premature babies.

Other research has also shown how it improves the capacity cognitive and learning is more easily developed in infants because, when carried, they can use their sight and hearing much more easily. Just think of the simple gesture of placing the baby on the mother’s chest at the moment of birth.

Attachment and physical contact

We have already talked about attachment but it is good to emphasize how fundamental physical contact is for it development emotional and, therefore, of attachment. Infants who are worn in a sling often show a sense of security and independence and this will lead them to develop a type of secure attachment. Furthermore, the child’s stress levels decrease and he is much calmer and more peaceful.

It can be said without voice

This little book, in essence, shows and tells through simple drawings and metaphorical images the importance from the emotions. Animals, much more than us, show their affection, show no grudge and guard their good.

Often there is no need to say “I love you”, a gesture is much stronger.

Points in favor

  • Sweet and delicate
  • Simple designs
  • Easily understandable story, which hides a huge meaning