Elgato FaceCam Review: Don’t call it a webcam

In this article we will see the review of the Elgato FaceCam. A room designed for streamers, influencers and for all content creators who aim for the best

Elgato has always been an essential resource for all content creators. Whether you are streamer, tiktoker, instgrammer, influencer and more generally creators of navigated content or novices, you will surely know this brand. A leading brand in the sector that is always one step ahead and boasts an edge over many competitors.

During the private presentation, dedicated to the specialized press, this FaceCam by Elgato was presented to us. It wasn’t hard to guess how much potential this chamber was hiding. But now that we have had it in our hands for a few weeks we can say with absolute certainty that we are facing a little tech jewel.

Usually you never start from the conclusions in a review, but in this case we want to congratulate you right away to the US company. Let’s find out together why this FaceCam has excited us.

Elgato FaceCam Review: Don't call it a webcam

Technical specifications | Elgato FaceCam Review

Before moving on to the specifications and giving you an idea, albeit vague, of the product we are reviewing, it is good to make a clarification right away. The Elgato FaceCam is not a webcam but a real PC camera. Studied, designed and built to replace a reflex in specific areas. Will she be fully successful? Let’s find out together!

  • Resolutions supported (without image compression): 1080p (30/60 FPS), 720p (30/60FPS), 540p (30/60FPS)
  • Optics: Elgato Prime Lens
  • Focus: 30 – 120cm
  • Opening: f/2.4
  • Focal lens: 24mm
  • Countryside visual: 82 ° (diagonal)
  • Sensor: Sony Starvis Cmos
  • Connection 3.0 type C
  • Weight: 96 grams

Elgato FaceCam Review: Don't call it a webcam

Packaging and design | Elgato FaceCam Review

The contents of the package are minimal, but complete. Once the package is opened, we find the device and its warranty booklets, quick guide and summary booklet inside. The camera is wrapped in plastic, to avoid any scratches, with its USB C cable.

Despite the generous dimensions (79 x 48 x 58 mm) the camera is compact, with the camera body and the flexible mounting support. The latter allows you to mount the device on a tripod, with the possibility of tilting and rotating. The support that anchors to the monitor is covered with a scratch-resistant rubber surface. The holder can be removed and unveiled a screw attachment which will allow you to use the camera even with a tripod.

The design is sober and elegant. Black covers all plastics and is only interrupted by one LED light (blue) which remains deactivatable through the software.

Usage and software | Elgato FaceCam Review

We tested the room with different light sources and with different resolutions even if, for obvious reasons, we got the best by exploiting the maximum resolution. Using the camera in Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) at 60FPS (60 frames per second), we immediately realized the great potential of the camera.

In terms of ease of use we are facing one very good quality room but once the software is started everything takes on a different dimension. The choices are virtually endless as well arrange the image in pre-production it will surely be a valuable help. The defects are not lacking, but they are (almost all circumventable) in post production. The various software settings undoubtedly help mitigate some imperfections. The biggest problems arise in lack of sufficient light or zooming in above 2X.

The Sony sensor combined with the Elgato lenses do a great job but some flaws persist. I’d like to tell you about the microphone ma is not present. When asked about this shortcoming Elgato replied that the camera is designed for professional content creators and that they are usually use a dedicated microphone. A microphone with “this high” distance would have created some sonic noise and consequently they decided not to put one.

The speech made is correct even if in doing so we must necessarily have a dedicated microphone even for simpler operations. Certainly those who buy a room of this type it does not do this to use it during simple video-chats but having completely ruled out the possibility of having a microphone (albeit not of high quality) did not impress us. Posterity will judge.

Elgato FaceCam Review: Don't call it a webcam

Who Should Buy Elgato FaceCam?

In conclusion, we can say that this Elgato FaceCam turns out to be an agglomeration of technology. A project devoted to make life easier for content creators. The choice of sensor, lenses and software create a professional camera. The room in question, as mentioned, is designed and created for creators. The price (about 200 euros) is also justified by the technology and materials chosen.

Obviously some limits exist, the lack of an integrated microphone and some limits to the zoom, do not change the general quality if we focus on the use that will be made of this FaceCam. Even if there are still some limits that we hope will be overcome over time.

Points in favor

  • A very complete dedicated software
  • A very good photographic sensor
  • Excellent video quality …

Points against

  • … if you don’t zoom in too much
  • We still would have liked to have seen a built-in microphone
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