Elon Musk rejoices: Tesla now has a market value of a trillion dollars

Elon Musk esulta: Tesla ha ora valore di mercato di un trilione di dollari thumbnail

Thanks to an order of 100,000 Model 3 made by the rental company Hertz, the market value of Tesla has exceeded the threshold of $ 1 trillion. And the shareholders of the car company founded by Elon Musk are also earning, who on Monday saw their shares rise by 12%.

With this extraordinary evaluation, Tesla becomes the fifth American company (together with Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet and Amazon) to have reached this milestone, the second for “speed”, only beaten, at the time, by a giant such as Facebook which, however, now has a market value below the trillion dollars. It is also the first ever to achieve such a high rating among car manufacturers globally. To make a comparison the company is currently worth more than the combined market value of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers such as Toyota, Volkswagen and Ford.

Tesla, the market value takes off thanks also to those who believed in electric cars before others

Hertz’s order, as mentioned, was the last step that allowed Tesla to take off, one of the first companies to believe that the future of the car was with an electric motor. In confirmation of this come the words of Mark Fileds, interim CEO of Hertz: “Electric vehicles are now widespread and we are just starting to see an increase in global demand and interest. The new Hertz will lead the way as a mobility company, starting with the largest fleet of electric rental vehicles in North America and a commitment to growing our electric vehicle fleet and providing the best rental and charging experience for customers. leisure and business around the world “.

On the other hand, it is now clear that together with high efficiency, the benefits of climate change and innovations in battery technology, global sales of electric vehicles have soared over the past two years, with forecasts that speak for themselves. of a 40-50% increase in sales by 2030.

While Hertz did not disclose the amount it will have to shell out for Tesla vehicles, Musk tweeted that there were no discounts and that the company will pay the “same consumer price”. So, counting in hand, the car rental company should pour into Tesla’s coffers over 4 billion dollars.

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