Elon Musk wants to double his Twitter turnover: here’s how

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Elon Musk, the richest man in the world and the new owner of Twitter, expects the social network to earn nearly $ 10 billion from subscriptions by 2028, an increase of a whopping 5 billion in total revenue compared to that made by the platform. last year, so in practice the entrepreneur aims to double the turnover.

Elon Musk aims to double Twitter revenue

In a presentation reviewed by the Times, Musk gave investors a first taste of what they should expect under his leadership. The man is reportedly expecting an increase in Twitter Blue subscribers to 69 million by 2025, which will rise to 159 million by 2028.

Launched last year, Twitter Blue is the service’s $ 2.99-per-month subscription, which gives users access to an “unsubscribe” button, app customization, ad-free articles, and other unique features. Musk also predicts tremendous growth in total Twitter users, from 217 million users reported last year to 600 million Twitter users in 2025 and eventually to 931 million in 2028.

Musk’s pitch also includes plans for an as-yet-unnamed subscription service independent of Blue, called “X,” which is expected to bring nine million new subscribers to the platform in 2023 and 104 million by 2028. Whatever that is. subscription “X”, the resulting revenues should be sufficient to reach 10 billion in turnover by 2028.

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