How I Met Your Father: the new series coming out on Disney Plus

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After the incredible success of the sitcom How I Met Your Mother, on May 11 its spin-off, How I Met Your Father, arrives on Disney Plus

With the arrival of the new month, Disney Plus will make available to its members lots of news not to be missed. Among these, the first season of How I Met Your Fatherlo spin off from How I Met Your Motherone of the most famous and successful series of recent times.

In How I Met Your Mother we followed the adventures of Ted Mosby and how, among a thousand ups and downs, he managed to meet his beloved wife, as well as the mother of his children. All told through a long preamble that sees his group of friends as protagonists Marshall, Robin, Barney e Lilyat his side on this path.

The new series shows instead a different point of viewthat of one donna that, between joys and disappointments, is at the search for his soul mate. The girl will not be alone, but supported, like Ted, by his own friends’ group.

How I Met Your Father: the new series coming out on Disney Plus

Trama e cast di How I Met Your Father

In the near future, Sophie she is telling her children how she met her father. In doing so, we will return to the present, a period in which the woman and her group of friends are experiencing a very particular phase of their life: intent on understanding who they are, what they really want and above all eager to find a soul mate, in the era dating apps.

To dress Sophie’s loaves in the present, we will find Hilary Duffthe iconic Lizzie McGuire of the 2000s, while the Sophie of the future will be Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City, 2008). The two actresses will be joined by Christopher Lowel (Inventing Anna, 2021), as Jesse, France Raisa (Grown-ish, 2018), in those of Valentina e Suraj Sharma (Life of Pi, 2012) in those of Sid. Tom Ainsley (Versailles, 2015 – 2018) will be Charlie and Tien Tran (Candyman, 2021), will be Ellen. Also in the cast Daniel Augustin (Grey’s Anatomy, 2021), to interpret Ian, Ashley Reyes (American Gods, 2021) who will be Hannah, Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl, 2007-2012) as Meredith e Josh Peck (Drake & Josh, 2004-2007) in Drew’s.

How I Met Your Father è una sitcom format yes 10 episodescreated by Isaac Aptaker ed Elizabeth Bergeralso executive producer, together with Carter Bays, Craig Thomas, Pam Fryman e Adam Londy. The protagonist Hilary Duff she is also the producer. How I Met Your Father is a production 20th Television.

If you are among those who still they didn’t give up in the end di How I Met Your Mother, which has now ended in 2014you just have to wait for the11 maggio, to go back a little to relive those sensations that have accompanied the viewer for 9 years. Who knows if among the new characters, we will finally find a worthy heir to the irreverent Barney Stinson.

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