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Super Smartphone: the new thriller of Shonen Jump

A new mystery manga debuts on Shonen Jump, Super Smartphone, where a student comes into possession of a mobile phone capable of searching for any information or object without limits

The high school student Kyu Saguradasaid Q, is a natural genius. However, after the traumatic disappearance of his younger brother years ago, he doesn’t put his abilities to good use and just lives for the day.

Everything changes when he finds a mysterious smartphone that gives new meaning to the term “smart”: it not only comes with IA advanced, but has a search engine that misses nothing. Everything that exists can be searched and viewed, no matter how secret or protected. Now Q must decide how to use this new power.

This is Super Smartphone, the new manga presented by Weekly Shonen Jump after the break for Golden Week. As always, it is available on MangaPlus for reading.

The work bears the signature of Hiroki Tomisawapractically a rookie with only the short Senka no Kanojo assets. The drawings are there instead Kentaro Hidano, former artist of several minor works. The duo thus formed is ready to occupy the niche of the magazine dedicated to mystery and thrillers.

Super Smartphone: the new thriller of Shonen Jump

First impressions of Super Smartphone

Super Smartphone starts from a premise whose reasoning is easy to see. Today we all have a smartphone, and we usually use search engines. It is therefore easy to ask the question: what if anything could be sought? This premise is used to construct a story in which the protagonist will use exclusive information to solve otherwise impossible cases.

The first chapter builds the picture in a simple and solid way. We have a protagonist with great intelligence, and therefore ideal for making the most of the Super Smartphone. We have the classic childhood friend, the classic school environment. And we have the missing brother, Q’s big goal now that he has a chance to solve the case.

The smartphone is a mystery itself. The AI, which Q will call Whom, is extremely advanced, and doubts about its self-awareness are already being sown. It is not known who brought it to Q, and furthermore there is a system of points for the researches made for which the reason is not clear.

In this debut chapter, Q solves a mystery similar to the one that involved him as a child. This time, he manages to save a kidnapped girl, thanks to a series of targeted searches. In short, everything is easily interpretable and the work clearly tells us what it offers.

Super Smartphone starts well and has the potential to become a great title for its genre. With the next few chapters, we will be able to discover the direction it will take – a dark thriller a la Death Note, rather than lighter like the legendary one. Detective Conan.