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Emoving Days 2023 and our eco-sustainable tour of Milan

The electric bike – and in general all the e-mobility – are an interesting alternative to move around the city in an ecological but fast and not tiring way. But we rarely take advantage of these green means to (re)discover the city from a different perspective. But that’s exactly what we did by participating in the initiative Emoving Days 2023, walking around the neighborhood City Life of Milan going to discover small treasures of the city.

Emoving Days 2023, an eBike tour to (re)discover Milan

From the first house built by the architect Gio Ponti, where you can already see some of the elements with which he will build the Milan of the last century. Up to retirement homes that are liberty jewels, squares that are gardens in bloom and villas which hide truly splendid architectural pearls. All in streets that we have already crossed by car, trying not to lose patience in the Milanese traffic. Or with his head down towards a subway stop, looking intently at his watch to try and stop it.

emoving days 2023 ebike tour milano

But on our tour for Emoving Days 2023, tote a mountain bike elettrica that made pedaling easy, and with a guide ready to show us these treasures, we had plenty of time to admire the beauty of this district of Milan, which usually escapes tourists.

The Emoving Days spanned March 24-26, 2023 sustainable mobility right in the square Tre Torri and in the garden that surrounds it. Stands of eBikes and other electric vehicles to find out about the best way to get around the city (which unfortunately can still do a lot in terms of cycle paths). But also initiatives and tours to understand that the mobility of the future is not only functional, but can make us experience the city in a different way.

An alternative way to get around the city – and admire it

Armed with an electric mountain bike (which we fell a little in love with) and with the helmet pulled down on our heads, we started exploring the city with a rather large group of colleagues – so much so that we are sure that several Milanese motorists have insulted us in a colorful way from behind the glass of the windows. We were perhaps a little too many to move quickly and nimbly around the city, but just the right number for a fun exploratory tour.

We started right off the Three Towers parklooking at the Fountain of the Four Seasons – a particular work for Milan, so unaccustomed to fountains and large squares. By drawing a couple of diagonals to avoid traffic as much as possible (and admire the Gio Ponti’s house in via Domenichino), we walked around piazza Buonarroti, where we saw the Monument to Giuseppe Verdi (which by car is just another roundabout) and the Rest home for artists. But going back down towards Tre Torri we also admired what is now the Columbus Clinic Centerwhile it was once a private villa with an incredible Art Nouveau taste.

emoving days 2023 tour

Treasures in the city

Pedaling was no burden, with electric gears making it a snap to pick up speed when we wanted and brake to stop and take a picture. In this way it was simple to trace a wide arc and then pass through Conciliation Square and admire some of the villas in Via Venti Settembreeven passing along the side streets to discover some pearls that we would have discovered by car only in the impossible attempt to find parking.

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After passing one of the very few climbs in all of Milan, we whizzed by the Triennial to draw the perimeter of Sempione Park and get toArch of Peace. Where do you stop the eBikes we could not avoid the classic photographs with the Sforza Castle which can be seen in the distance under the arch.

We then returned to Tre Torri, but finding time to admire another house built by Gio Ponti in via Randacciothe first of his career.

A green opportunity to spend a fun weekend – even in the city

Our electric tour was particular, designed to get us around quickly but catching some splendid glimpses of this neighborhood in great bloom. But all those who will pass by City Life in these three days will be able to take even more extensive tours:

  • Urban Citylife” of 3.54 km, a tour of the streets around CityLife. You will see Fiera di Milano and Vigorelli, the historic Milanese velodrome
  • Around the City” of 8.73 km, a tour in the heart of the Lombard capital, seeing the Sempione Park, the Arco della Pace and the Castello Sforzesco
  • Mtb Monte Stella Hills” of 9.90 km, a route in western Milan with the passage of Casa Milan, Parco del Portello and arrival on Mount Stella

There are so many initiatives, you can find the whole program here. Families, groups of friends and even the simple curious should try to take the opportunity to tests, tours, workshops and much more. A way to experience the city in a different way. And figure out how to make your daily commute greener too: from 24 to 26 March, don’t miss the Emoving Days 2023 if you pass through Milan.

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