EMule Server: updated list | March 2021

Server eMule: lista aggiornata

Let’s find out together what is the updated list of eMule servers, so you can download the software to the fullest potential!

eMule is an open source software dedicated to file sharing based on peer to peer and written in C ++ language for the Microsoft Windows operating system. In this way, there are many users who have the possibility to download files of all kinds in a short time and without any registration, but to be able to speed up the download some prerequisites must be met.

In other words, to make the most of the potential of the application, you must both log in with High ID than having one updated list of eMule servers. So let’s see how to achieve this through a series of a few simple steps.

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EMule Server: updated list

To get the updated list of server eMule, first you need to enable some preliminary settings, and then move on toimplementation of new servers safe and efficient. Let’s see in detail these simple and effective steps to follow!

Preliminary operations

Here are the preliminary operations to follow before updating the data:

  • Open the eMule application on your PC;
  • From the main screen, select “Server”, then click with the right mouse button on any server in the list and press the item “Delete all servers”;

EMule Server: updated list |  March 2021

  • At this point it is necessary to disable the automatic updating of the eMule server list, then click on “Options”, located at the top right, and on the new screen select “Server”. Here remove the check mark a “Automatically download server list on startup”, “Update the Server list when you connect to a Server” e “Update the Server list when you contact a Client”;

EMule Server: updated list |  March 2021

  • After confirming, reboot eMule application to correctly and safely save the new settings.

Once this is done, we can proceed to the next steps of the guide and understand how to import the new updated server list into eMule!

Fundamental operations

To implement the updated list of eMule servers, you need to follow some steps which are really a breeze. First you need to click on each of the servers listed in the list below:

Attention: after clicking on a single server from the list above, it may happen that eMule does not load it automatically. To solve the problem, that’s enough enter manually each server in the entries “IP or address”, “Port” e “Name”.

Please note: there is a list containing a large number of unstable servers, many of which often become active but unreliable. If you want to import them into your program (not recommended), enter this data:

  • – !! Sharing-Devils No3 !!;
  • – PEERATES.NET (alternative);
  • – eMule Security No1;
  • – eMule Security No2;
  • – eMule Security No3;
  • – eMule Security No4;
  • – Sharing-Devils.org;
  • – !! Sharing-Devils No1 !!;
  • – UsenetNL.biz;
  • – Emule Server No1;
  • – Master Server 7;
  • – Master Server 1;
  • – Master Server 2;
  • – TV Underground No2;
  • – eMule Security;
  • – Master Server 3;
  • – Master Server 4;
  • – Master Server 5 (highly discouraged in the eMule server list);
  • – Master Server 6;
  • – Master Server 8;
  • – Master Server 9;
  • – Master Server 10;
  • – Master Server 11;
  • – Sharing Kingdom 1;
  • – Sharing Kingdom 2;
  • – Sharing Kingdom 3;
  • – Sharing Kingdom 4;
  • – Sharing Kingdom 5;
  • – Sharing Kingdom 6;
  • – StormShare 1;
  • – StormShare 2;
  • – StormShare 3;
  • – StormShare 4;
  • – StormShare 5;
  • – StormShare 6.

It should also be emphasized that over time the number of constantly active servers is decreasing. However, this does not mean that you can no longer use eMule, as you just need to connect to the rete Kad to solve the problem.

How to search for files with the updated list of eMule servers

At this point, having the updated list of eMule servers, we can analyze in detail how to search for files on the software: press the icon of “Rete Kad”, that is the second button of the bar at the top, and therefore up “Connect”.

EMule Server: updated list |  March 2021

Once this is done, click on “Search for”, always located in the top bar, then select “Kad Rete” in the voice “Research method”. Now, to be able to find the file you want, type the appropriate keywords in the search bar and confirm. Once found, you will need to double-click with the mouse.

EMule Server: updated list |  March 2021

Alternative way to get the updated list of eMule servers

There is also the possibility to import different eMule server lists through file .met: in this case you need to open the screen “Server” program, and then paste the list into the item “Update server.met from URL”. The servers will be updated automatically.

EMule Server: updated list |  March 2021

The list to copy and paste can be found on these links:

  • http://update.adunanza.net/servers.met
  • http://www.gruk.org/server.met

Practical tip: we suggest that you upload the updated list of eMule servers as described at the beginning, as all alternatives do not guarantee optimal functioning of the software.

Good fun!

The guide to obtaining the updated list of eMule servers ends here. We remind you that for any problem we are available through the comments box below. In addition, we will continue to update the list on a monthly basis to ensure maximum operation of the software.

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