English director Anthony Hickox has died at just 64 years old

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The well-known British director, actor and film producer Anthony Hickox has died at the age of 64. He was found dead in his home in Bucharest

The name of the English director Anthony Hickox is certainly better known among horror enthusiasts. The news recently arrived that the well-known man is only 64 years old actor, film producer and above all director was found lifeless in his home in Bucharest last week. The sad announcement was made by his friend and collaborator Jonathan Shalit, since Hickox had been unavailable for a few days. His death would have occurred on Monday 9 October. Hickox would have turned 65 on November 6th. The causes that led to his death are not yet known.

English director Anthony Hickox has died at just 64 years old

Chi era Anthony Hickox

Born in London on 6 November 1959, Anthony Hickox is grew up in the world of cinema since early childhood. In fact, both of his parents worked in the film industry. His father was the famous director Douglas Hickox, who was responsible for films such as The Bloody One, the magnificent horror film with Vincent Price, Bloody Oscar and Behind the Mask. While his mother, the director’s second wife was Anne V. Coateseditor, awarded an Oscar for editing Lawrence of Arabia. His brother James was also a film director.

Anthony Hickox had its debut in 1988 when he was at the helm of the film Waxwork – Welcome to the Wax Museum, one of his best-known films together with Hellraiser III. His most flourishing period in the directorial field was between the 1980s and 1990s where the director concentrated mostly on the horror genre. Subsequently he also concentrated on the Action genre enjoying some success in that field too. The latest work dates back to 2018, with the film Underdogs Rising. Hickox also appears as an actor in some of his films. It seems that in his programs there was a return to London to shoot his latest film. In recent years he had settled in Romania following his marriage to the actress Madalina Anea.

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