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Enola Holmes 3: Netflix confirms the sequel

Sherlock Holmes’ little sister will return in Enola Holmes 3, Netflix confirms work on the sequel with Millie Bobby Brown

The star protagonist of the famous series Stranger Things, the young one Millie Bobby Brownwill return in the third film of the saga dedicated to Sherlock Holmes’ little sister: Netflix conferma Enola Holmes 3, which is already being written. The young actress does not stop and continues to participate in successful franchises and the Enola Holmes films are no different, still proving her great acting talent and the success she is receiving in her newly launched career.

Netflix’s fortune: Enola Holmes 3 confirms the success of the franchise

Enola Holmes has become a franchise that made the fortune of Netflix. The second film, which premiered November 4, 2022 exclusively on Netflix, received acclaim by both critics and audiences and reached first place in the Netflix user rankings in many countries. Millie Bobby Brown was also a producer on the franchise, and in an interview with ScreenRent expressed his excitement at the possibility of returning for yet another film:

I’d love to do another one. Seeing Enola Holmes face new challenges, seeing her struggling, under pressure, as she takes on more cases, finding herself in crazy situations and feeling more vulnerable. I’m excited to see her in action again.

Netflix Film chief Scott Suber praised it the performance by Millie Bobby Brown, describing her as “our” talent, and then confirming the creation of Elona Holmes 3 by Netflix. He has shown that he is satisfied with the work done with the franchise and is aiming ever higher:

The Holmes franchise is unexpectedly resilient. We obviously appreciate the incredible work that Warner Bros. has done with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, so the idea of ​​being able to expand the Holmes universe with Millie Bobby Brown is really exciting. We are working on the script to try to achieve this goal. I’d love to do another one.

Enola Holmes 3: Netflix confirms the sequel

Who could return in Enola Holmes 3?

Confirmation is still missing, but in Enola Holmes 3 on Netflix we could see the familiar faces of Henry Cavill as Sherlock, Louis Partridge in those of Tewkesbury, Helena Bonham Carter in the role of Eudoria, mother of Enola and Sherlock, even Sweet Susie (Edith) e Adeel Akhtar (Roads). Also Sam Claflin could return in the third film as the Holmes’ older brother, although he did not appear in the second chapter due to schedule conflicts, as did the director Harry Bradbeer he expressed his willingness to return. We’ll see what awaits us in the next few months, in the meantime continue to follow us on so as not to miss anything else on Enola Holmes and much more from the world of cinema and TV series.

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