Esport Revolution: official teams presented

The Esports season is coming to a head and the Esport Revolution team has announced the players who will compete in the most important events in Italy.

The Esports club based in Campania has announced, through a press release, the rosters that will compete in the most important tournaments in Italy. Born in Campania from the collaboration between the Neapolitan entrepreneur Diego Trinchillo and the FIFA youtuber Antonio Mercogliano (aka “Tony Tubo”), the project was started months ago, starting with a long scouting campaign. After a few months, the newborn Sport Revolution managed to find the necessary talents to compete in the most important championships in Italy. Esport Revolution therefore presents itself on the Italian export scene with great ambitions, which are already consecrating the team as point of reference in Campania and throughout Southern Italy.

What are the Esport Revolution teams?

The teams that have been formed will compete in the races of Fortnite, Football Manager e Rocket League. In particular, the Rocket League Esport Revolution team will provide their players to the football team ofEmpoli (newly promoted to Serie A), the first to create her own Rocket League team, bypassing the confines of the ball. Here is the list of teams and players that compose them:

  • Fortnite: Michele Castagna “Casty”; Pietro Bessi “W3irox”; Amanpreet Lal “Aman”
  • Football Manager: Alessandro Langella “Lucullusgames”
  • Rocket League of Empoli Calcio: Andrea Gioia “Wilow”; Jacopo Sarno “Regal”; Michele Tramice “Mike”
  • Rocket League di Esport Revolution: Davide Fabbri “Faber”; Paolo Barra “Strow”; Lorenzo Uccetta “Iprime”; Nik Trottner “Borrel”; Salvatore Poimeni “Crashetto”

Esport Revolution: official teams presented

In addition to all this, always within the partnership with Empoli, next weekend will be held in Rome on BeSports, PES Serie B football tournament, which will involve Maurizio Sarcina and Cristian Esposito who will wear the shirt of the Tuscan team.

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