Esports BAR Cannes: Italy takes part in the event dedicated to esports

Esports BAR Cannes: l'Italia partecipa alla manifestazione dedicata agli esports thumbnail

The 2021 edition of Esports BAR has ended Cannes. The event is dedicated to esports sector, one of the most relevant and fastest growing segments of the video game industry. Video game competitions organized online or in a physical place for entertainment purposes are now an important reference for fans who, with increasing participation, follow the events in progress. Furthermore, the esports sector has given rise to the birth of different types of companies such as tournament organizers, esports teams and specialized agencies.

Esports BAR Cannes: the event dedicated to the world of esports

Italy is the first country to organize a national delegation to participate in Esports BAR. The delegation was supported by ICE Agency and IIDEA (Italian Interactive Digital Entertainment Association). 1 participated in the event4 Italian companies who were able to take part in a rich program of seminars, conferences and panels on topical issues. There was also the opportunity to access Focus APAC, a digital event with the participation of operators from the esports sector from South East Asia and Oceania.

The highlights of the event

To be able to discover all the details of the 2021 edition of Esports BAR Cannes you can refer to official website of the event. Over the next few weeks, in fact, the portal will be enriched with many new contents and above all with the highlights of the 2021 edition.