eSports, the eSerie A confirmed until 2024

The League has confirmed the eSerie A for the next three years. The first edition of the competition was a huge media success

More and more users are approaching the world of eSports. For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, eSports are electronic sports. Put simply, it means playing video games competitively and professionally. Even around eSports bets are going crazy, with many sites, such as 123bets, which report the odds on this new discipline.

eSports, the eSerie A confirmed until 2024

Serie A has also adapted to technological evolution, establishing the first TIM eSerie A championship. The first edition of the competition, divided between the two main football video games, PES and FIFA, had a huge media success, thrilling many users. At Genoa CFC the victory of the eSerie A TIM eFootball PES 2021, while at the Benevento eSports UT7 to win the title by triumphing in the eSerie A TIM FIFA 21. The success of the Campania region comes thanks to DaniPitbull who overcomes the Genoa eSports led by Gabry in the final. In third place Cagliari eSports with Obrun2002 and in fourth Udinese eSports D-Link with Dastardly_27 also awarded as the best athlete of the tournament. Thus ends the 2020-2021 competitive season.

On the strength of this success there will continue to be a virtual championship parallel to Serie A. In fact, in these hours, the League has confirmed the eSerie A for the next three years. As stated in last Monday’s press release: “The Lega Serie A Assembly held today (yesterday, June 8, 2021, ed) in Milan approved the renewal of the sponsorship of the Serie A championship with Tim, historical partner of Italian football, until 2024. Tim will have the title-sponsorship of the Spring Competitions (with the Timvision brand) and of the TIM eSerie A esports championship ”.

Good news, therefore, for all fans. The pilot project launched last 2020, postponed for a season due to the problems related to Covid-19, managed to achieve important results in terms of visualization and interest. Excellent work done by Lega Calcio, Infront and PG Esports for what was an absolute novelty of the Italian panorama linked to electronic sports.

In the next few years, the eFootball.Pro will start with eFootball PES 2021 where Juventus and Roma fight for the top European title with professional club teams. During the summer, there will be space for Italy with the TIMVISION eFootball PES 2021 which will compete in the finals of eEuro 2021 on 9 and 10 July.

Who has decided to invest in eSports is Paulo Dybala, number 10 of Juventus. The Juventus talent joined Furious Gaming as an investor, founder and CEO Gonzalo Garcia tells Infobae: “A group of investors was interested, and together with them Paulo, who, as he said, was associated with us, as a partner and as company image. The brand gives us a lot of power. It’s something very nice for all of us who have been fighting for years. Obviously it is something that makes you very happy and that validates all the work you have done. It’s a before and after for esports in our region, and I believe we will lead the way, with our experience, for many other organizations to add investments and public figures tomorrow to support their brand. “

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