EA: Hackers stole FIFA 21 source code and more

After Capcom and Nintendo, EA also reported, just a few hours ago, that it had suffered a full-blown hacker attack, here is what emerged

The Summer Games Fest has been running for several hours and the revelations are in full swing, but the biggest news about today’s games may not be a game trailer or announcement, and that’s definitely not good news. Some hacker have hacked the servers of SHE and stolen hundreds of GB of game source code (including FIFA 21), as well as many of the internal tools used by EA to develop the titles themselves. The news was first reported by Waypoint. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

EA: “we are already collaborating with justice to target the hackers who have stolen the FIFA 21 code, player data is not at risk”

After Capcom and Nintendo, Electronic Arts has also entered the crosshairs of cyber pirates. “We have the full capacity to take advantage of all services EA and FIFA 21“, They told him hacker on online hacking forums. In posts, which Waypoint obtained via screenshots from users who have access to the forums themselves, the hackers claimed to have stolen the source code of FIFA 21as well as the code for its matchmaking servers. They also claim to have the source code for the engine Frostbite, proprietary EA frameworks, various software development kits (SDKs), and more. In all, the hackers claimed to have stolen more than 780 GB of data. At the moment they are trying to sell it. Whether they will be lucky enough to do so remains to be seen.

EA: Hackers stole FIFA 21 source code and more

EA has already confirmed that the breach did indeed occur and that the hackers stole what they claim:

We are investigating a recent break-in incident on our network in which a limited amount of game source code and related tools were stolen. Player data has not been accessed and we have no reason to believe there is any risk to player privacy. Following the incident, we have already made safety improvements and do not expect an impact on our games or our business. We are actively working with law enforcement and other experts as part of this ongoing criminal investigation.

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