Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection: presented a new trailer!

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Presented a new trailer, full of tips and useful information, of Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection. Let’s find out all the details together in this dedicated news

ATLUS has published a new trailer of Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection which provides a number of useful tips and tricks and allows you to take a look at the new features on PC and Nintendo Switch. Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on June 1, 2023. The collection contains the first three titles in the series, Etrian Odyssey HD, Etrian Odyssey II HD and Etrian Odyssey III HD, and includes many improvements, such as save save functionality, adjustable difficulty levels and localization in even more languages, as well as new DLC sets with new character portraits. Pre-order the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection to get the HD Character Portrait DLC set, which contains portraits of beloved characters from the Persona, Shin Megami Tensei and Soul Hacker series.

A collection of info from the new Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection trailer

Beyond the village of Etria is a mysterious forest with a giant crevice that leads to an underground labyrinth. Lead a party of explorers into the Labyrinth and set out on a journey to riches, fame and discovery! Set out for Upper Lagaard (in Etrian Odyssey II), a mysterious castle beyond the clouds. He assembles a team of heroes, investigates the mystery of the colossal tree of Yggdrasil, and uncovers the truth behind Lagaard Tall! Set sail for an underwater labyrinth in search of the sunken city of Armoroad! Lead a group of adventurers on a journey to discover a labyrinth filled with treasures, hidden secrets and mysterious technologies in Etrian Odyssey III.

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