Eufy X8 Pro: Anker’s new robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner

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Eufy Clean, the smart home appliance brand of Anker Innovations, has just announced its new robot vacuum cleaner/floor cleaner, X8 Pro. The latest RoboVac from eufy Clean is an updated version of the brand’s 2021 X8 Hybrid and includes the latest technology features to give users an easy, thorough cleaning experience.

Eufy Clean X8 Pro for deep cleaning

Eufy Clean X8 Pro is designed with a deep cleaning system. This advanced system is equipped with Twin-Turbine technology and the Active Detangling rotating brush. It is designed to provide thorough cleaning on all types of floor coverings, with particular attention to carpets.

Eufy Clean X8 Pro: dual turbine technology

This feature provides 1.8 times better cleaning performance than its predecessor, the X8. The suction power equal to twice 4,000 Pa guarantees carpet cleaning after just one pass.

Active Detangling rotating brush

This improved technology, with a 99.7% detangling rate, effectively removes 89.3% of pet hair from carpets. The V-shaped roller brush helps improve dirt pickup with its high-density bristles, while actively cleaning pet hair with its anti-tangle design (patent pending) during cleaning activities, which ensures no hair gets stuck. A perfect solution for pet owners.

Self-emptying station

The X8 Pro also comes with a automatic emptying station which effectively seals out 99.9% of dust and debris, minimizing dust exposure. Its large 2.5 liter capacity, combined with a bacteriostatic dust bag, stores dust and debris safely for 45 days. Additionally, the discharge frequency is customizable, allowing users to tailor their experience to their personal preferences.

iPath laser navigation

Powered by advanced intelligent technology, X8 Pro mthe house appears accurately using laser beams, allowing it to move around rooms and clean with ease, even in the dark.

Price and availability

The x8 Pro is now available for €599.99 with self-draining tower or €449.99 with single charging base on Amazon.

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