Pirelli Scorpion Trail III, the sportiest tire in the range ever

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SCORPION Trail III It is the new road enduro tire from Pirelli dedicated to maxi enduros that combine excellent performance on asphalt and light off-road. The tire is completing the final and rigorous outdoor tests and will be on sale to the public from January 2024.

Pirelli Scorpion Trail III, sports tire with an off-road look

In recent years the road enduro segment has become one of the most important on the market and Pirelli has chosen to develop tires with increasingly sporty road performance but with an off-road look, with particular attention to ease of use in different road conditions.

Pirelli SCORPION Trail III in fact, it presents an aggressive tread look behind which lies a strong technological innovation. In fact, it takes advantage of the most recent technologies, materials and processes, as well as the knowledge acquired by Pirelli in the big enduro segment, to respond to the most demanding market expectations by offering first-rate road qualities.

Technical characteristics of the tyre

Compared to its predecessor SCORPION Trail II, the new tire guarantees a significantly improved road handling it’s a more sporty behavior thanks to excellent gripbeyond better wet performance. Furthermore, SCORPION Trail III ensures stability even at full load and is capable of interact as best as possible with electronic systems of the motorbike. Finally, regarding off-road driving, it was remarkably improved abrasion resistancean important parameter for those who love venturing on dirt roads.

SCORPION TRAIL III it is the perfect tire for tackling asphalt routes full of curves and fun and is dedicated to all those motorcyclists looking for a product with a tread design dedicated to the use of large enduros on the road with excellent performance, both dry and wet, combined with sporty behavior and good mileage.

scorpion trail iii

The target vehicles of SCORPION TRAIL III they are those starting from medium displacements and above (above 400cc) which mount either 19 or 21 inch front tyres; therefore, a motorcycle capable of tackling long journeys and excursions with light off-road sections. During 2024, 17-inch front and rear equipment dedicated to crossovers will also complete the range.

The choice to identify this new product with the brand SCORPION is in line with the history linked to this range of Pirelli products, which has always been a protagonist in off-road and in two and four-wheel competitions such as the Enduro and Cross-Country World Championship and the Motocross World Championship in which the off-road tires of Pirelli have been leaders for 40 years with 81 world titles won.

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