Euphoria: the new season used to create new phishing sites

Euphoria: la nuova stagione sfruttata per creare nuovi siti di phishing thumbnail

The January 10 on some streaming platforms debuted the second season from Euphoria, the US teen drama by HBO and directed by Sam Levinson. Many fans have been looking forward to the new season and the cybercriminals they are taking advantage of that enthusiasm to create new phishing sites.

Let’s find out all the details from the latest report together Kaspersky.

Cybercriminals are using Euphoria Season 2 to create phishing sites


Cybercriminals have begun to harness the enthusiasm of fans to launch different types of cyber attacks, relying on the impatience to see some expected TV series. One of the most anticipated, recently caught in the sights of cybercriminals, is Euphoria.

Kaspersky, a cybersecurity company, has detected several phishing pages create per obtain viewers’ credentials. Not only that: Kaspersky noted that the sites were created with the aim of getting too personal information about users e i credit card details.

In some cases, the user was prompted to enter into a membership registering their sensitive data in exchange for au accessn unlimited catalog of titles. Cesare D’Angelo, Kaspersky General Manager Italy, commented:

Phishing is one of the most common ways used to steal the credentials of an online account: there are fake versions of the online pages for accessing the various services that are used to collect the credentials of careless users. The popularity of the various platforms grows hand in hand with the attention they receive from cybercriminals, which is why to enjoy a series in complete safety the best solution is always to prefer the official channels.

To avoid falling into the trap of malicious programs and scams, Kaspersky offers the following advice.

  • Be wary of links that promise to see movies or TV series on preview. If in doubt about the authenticity of the content, please refer to the your entertainment service provider.
  • Check the reliability of the site before entering your personal information. Use only official platforms e reliable to watch and download movies. Also check the URL format.
  • Pay attention to file extensions before downloading them.
  • Use a reliable security solution such as Kaspersky Security Cloud, which identifies the malicious attachments e blocks access to phishing sites.