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EuroNASCAR: CAAL Racing Team ready for the Grand Finale

The last EuroNASCAR event is approaching and CAAL Racing warms up its engines for a crackling finale. Let’s find out the details

The EuroNASCAR PRO and EuroNASCAR 2 championships are now upon us. With only two races to go and with double the points available in these events, never before has the battle to win the title been so open in both categories. CAAL Racing Team leads the temporary EuroNASCAR constructors’ ranking, thanks to the excellent performances of its two drivers during the year: Albert Naska for the EuroNASCAR 2 e Gianmarco Ercoli for the EuroNASCAR PRO. Let’s take a closer look at the situation of the two Italian drivers and Let’s find out how the weekend will be structured.

EuroNASCAR: CAAL Racing Team ready for the Grand Finale

EuroNASCAR in Zolder, an intense weekend for CAAL Racing

The Belgian circuit of Atticwhich covers a distance of approximately 4km, features a layout with ten curves, two long straights and numerous overtaking opportunities. These may take place near the two chicanes, la Little Chicane and the Villeneuve Chicane, or near the various 90 degree bends, where there will certainly be no shortage of battles. The combination of fast corners and long straights allows the vehicles to reach top speed for much of the circuit.

As we have already said, CAAL Racing leads the constructors’ championship with a gap of only 8 points from the direct competitors of RDV Competition, while the others are now well away from being able to hope for a comeback. A two-way fight between these teams is therefore expected for this title. The situation is not much different in the drivers’ rankings, which they foreshadow an even more exciting fight for the last races of this championship.

The PRO category sees an intense fight at the top between thecurrent leader Gianmarco Ercoli e Vittorio Ghirelli. The two Italian drivers are separated by only 4 points and are the main suspects for winning the title. The French Lucas Lasserre follows 21 points behind Ercoli, while the Belgian is 23 points behind Anthony Kumpen.

EuroNASCAR 2, on the other hand, proposes a three-way fight with the Cypriot Vladimiros Tziortzis leads the standingsseparated by only 3 points from our Alberto NaskaWhile at 4 points we find the Frenchman Paul Jouffreau. We are sure that Naska, after his trip to Japan and the Forbes Top Creators Awards winPerformance Automotive and Motors category, will be concentrated and aware of the difficulty, but eager to win that title which had eluded him at the last round on this circuit just last year.

EuroNASCAR: CAAL Racing Team ready for the Grand Finale

Weekend program in Zolder

  • Saturday 14th:
    • 9.50am EuroNASCAR PRO and Superole qualifications to follow
    • 10.40 am EuroNASCAR 2 qualifications
    • 1.25pm ​​race 1 EuroNASCAR PRO
    • 4.30pm race 1 EuroNASCAR 2
  • Sunday 15th:
    • 11:00 am race 2 EuroNASCAR 2
    • 1.30pm race 2 EuroNASCAR PRO

We remind you that you can follow these events directly on the official EuroNASCAR YouTube channel. Who will win their respective championships? Let us know yours in the comments. To ensure you don’t miss any further news regarding the world of motors and the technological universe in general, continue to follow!