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Everything we know about Apple Watch Series 7

The new Apple Watch models debut every fall along with the new iPhones and very little is missing from the next generation: Apple Watch Series 7. Although the rumors have focused more on the next iPhones, there is certainly no lack of information about the new smartwatches that the Cupertino company will present. Here’s everything we know about the Apple Watch Series 7.

What we know about Apple Watch Series 7

Currently, the lineup of Apple Watch officially sold by the company includes Apple Watch Series 3, SE and Series 6. Presumably the new generation smartwatch will replace the Series 6, as has happened previously, while they will remain on the market officially SE and – perhaps – Series 3.

The new Apple Watch will have a different design? Yes, according to some sources it seems that the AW Series 7 will change its design for the first time after the arrival of Series 4 (even if that was not a great aesthetic change). Ming-Chi Kuo in September 2020 it had stated that from generation 7 there would be a new design; Jon Prosser – famous leaker Apple – also showed a rendering that features a more squared off design (in line with the iPhone 12) and a new green color.

Bloomberg instead said that Apple Watch Series 7 will feature thinner bezels around the screen and a new lamination technique that reduces the space between display and glass. But it does not seem that the general thickness of the smartwatch will be reduced, on the contrary: it will probably increase slightly.

As far as functionality is concerned, Series 7 will have all the capabilities already present in the previous model, plus one improved battery and greater responsiveness.

New sensors on the horizon?

Much of the Apple Watch’s success is due to its sensors that monitor overall well-being. Precisely for this reason, every year Apple has tried to improve the sensors already present and add new ones. Series 4 introduced the ECG function, Series 5 the always-on display, Series 6 instead brought with it the measurement of the oxygen level in the blood.

Some rumors say that Apple Watch Series 7 will introduce the measurement of blood sugar level, that is, blood sugar. More recent and more in-depth reports from Bloomberg have concluded that blood glucose measurement is probably years away. The same report says Apple has been working on temperature monitoring with the Apple Watch, but that feature is likely planned for next year’s model. However, we should expect Series 7 hardware to include updated features, including the tecnologia ultra wideband, the same that we find in the iPhone 11, 12 and in the AirTags.

In any case, we remain hopeful about a possible sensor for monitoring blood glucose, or in any case the introduction of some news regarding the sensors.

Price and release date

The new smartwatch – equipped with watchOS 8 -, together with the iPhone 13 range that will debut with iOS 15, will be presented in a few weeks: it is thought or on 14 or 21 September. The cost should be in line with previous generations, so around a list price starting at 439€ for the 40mm version only GPS. All that remains is to wait for the official release to find out both the new features and the release price.

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