Exclusive Agreement between Qualcomm and Microsoft for Windows ARM

Qualcomm e Microsoft hanno un accordo esclusivo per Windows ARM thumbnail

Qualcomm has a exclusivity agreement with Microsoft for Windows on ARM, according to which this would only be available for devices with the company’s SoC. But now it looks like the deal may expire soon. Apparently, the two companies would have worked closely together on the creation of the computer chip, but now they could terminate the partnership. The fact that it is not known when this exclusivity agreement will end prevents Qualcomm’s competitors from getting involved. So let’s try to figure out who will replace the company in the production of chips for Microsoft.

Windows ARM: unveiled the exclusivity agreement between Qualcomm and Microsoft

As anticipated, Microsoft and Qualcomm have a Windows exclusivity agreement on ARM, which is about to expire. Who will replace the company in chipset production then? Apparently, one of the top contenders would be MediaTek. But also Samsung it could be among the names of the eligible producers with his own Exynos processors, especially given the recent partnership with AMD for graphics power. Of course, what we find strange is that Microsoft’s collaboration with Qualcomm is really destined to end. On the other hand, the partnership has been going on for a long time.

In fact, in the era of Windows Phone smartphones, Qualcomm chips were the only ones supported. And even now, there doesn’t seem to be one with a Snapdragon chip. Yet, the truth is this: the agreement between the two companies is about to expire. It is not surprising, then, that Apple also wants to try to join the collaboration with Microsoft. On the other hand, this would allow to use Windows on ARM even on Macs with Apple Silicon CPU. It would therefore open up new possibilities in the technology sector, even if we don’t yet know when we might actually enjoy it. After all, we have only just discovered the exclusivity agreement, but remember that we do not have detailed information on its expiration. So let’s wait to see what happens.