BMW Motorrad presents the ConnectedRide Cradle

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Conveniently use your smartphone as a navigation system and universal motorcycle assistant? Now it is possible with the new ConnectedRide Cradle from BMW Motorrad.

BMW Motorrad presents the ConnectedRide Cradle

BMW Motorrad presents the new ConnectedRide Cradle for all bikers who love use the smartphone for navigation. It is not just a simple aid to easily use your device as a satellite navigator while driving. Instead, it allows you to view the navigation map and the vehicle data such as the angle of inclination, acceleration, deceleration and much more via the BMW Motorrad Connected App using the multi-controller knob.

Thanks to the individually adjustable side brackets, ConnectedRide Cradle fits any smartphone. This allows inductive charging according to the Qi standard with a maximum of 7.5 W. However, it will also be possible to charge via cable via a USB-C connection with a maximum of 7.5 W (1.5 A at 5 V). An LED charge indicator (which can be turned off) provides information on the charging status of the smartphone.

For safety, and if the facility allows, the ConnectedRide Cradle it can be anchored to the bike. This can also be used on older BMW Motorrad models (for example BMW R 1200 GS K50), adapting to all models equipped with the optional “Preparation for navigation system (option 272)”. On older vehicles without a TFT instrument cluster, the function can be used via the control device of the “Preparation for navigation unit SA 272”. To make it possible to view vehicle data the presence of the “Pro on-board computer (option 221)” function is required.

We remind you that the ConnectedRide Cradle cannot be used with the Navigator 4-Button Mount Cradle. In order to be able to make the best use of the functions described, the BMW Motorrad Connected App version 4.0 or higher must be used. We also advise you to always install the latest updates to ensure proper operation.

A Bluetooth connection is required to enable app control via motorcycle controls. The smartphone must be equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy at least in version 4.2 to meet the security requirements (LE Secure Connections) for the connection. The smartphones with older Bluetooth versions are not supported.

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