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Exhibo: Pioneer flagship products arrive at Milan Hi Fidelity

Exhibo presents the audio excellence of its catalog including Pioneer flagship products at the Milan Hi Fidelity in April

For over 60 years, Exhibo has been among the leaders in the marketing in Italy of the best solutions in the Audio segment. This year Hi Fidelity will be present at the early spring event in Milan on 01 and 02 April at the Hotel Melia in Milan in Via Masaccio 19. Among the flagship products also those with the Pioneer brand, available again in Italy since last year thanks to Exhibo. Admission to the event is free for everyone.

Details on Pioneer products presented by Exhibo at Milan Hi Fidelity

Exhibo has studied an arrangement of its space in the Libeskin room on the ground floor and on the 4th floor suite 459 of the Melia hotel. With an exhibition to be discovered of the most iconic brands that it distributes in Italy. Accompanied by Exhibo’s expert professional staff, you immerse yourself in a large exhibition entirely dedicated to home entertainment. This responds to the various and multiple needs of customers, professionals and end users, always evolving and looking for reliable, functional, highly performing and flexible solutions.

Exhibo: Pioneer flagship products arrive at Milan Hi Fidelity

All the brands present at the Exhibo exhibition

PIONEER is among the most iconic, prestigious and accredited brands in the Audio/Video world which is available again in Italy thanks to Exhibo. HiFi CD players, all-in-one systems, amplifiers and AV receivers will be on display and available for an on-site trial run. On display: PD Series – NC50 Model – A40 Model – VSX Line – SX Series. There will also be room for T+A products. The brand that designs and manufactures audio solutions dedicated to all refined and demanding audiophiles, products that do not follow the evolution of technology but anticipate it. You’ll find all-in-one amplifier systems, speakers, CD players and media players to try and be amazed at. On display: HV Series – Criterion Series – Cala Series – MP Series – Pulsar R21 – Caruso Series.

Not only Pioneer at Exhibo exhibition

Among the other brands on display you will find:

  • the BLOCK brand – Thanks to Exhibo, since 2021 passion, refinement and innovation combined with Block-branded Teutonic engineering have arrived in Italy, for a high-quality audio product offer. Hi-fi devices, hi-fi CD players, all-in-one systems and high-end turntables on display in Milan. On display: VR120 – C120 PS100+ – CVR-100+.
  • MKIII AUDIO PRO: the Swedish brand that represents the perfect and original cocktail of design, functionality and technology for a trendy smart home. On display, to try, multi-room speakers, floorstanding speakers ideal for music streaming and subwoofers. On display: C10 MKII – A48 – SW10.
  • THE CAVE: the Scandinavian brand that designs and manufactures solutions “for life”, offering a contemporary style, integrating high-end audio that reflects the different ways of listening. On display: Studio 7 line.

Exhibo: Pioneer flagship products arrive at Milan Hi Fidelity

Klipsch and Sennheiser

KLIPSCH is the historic brand with stars and stripes with a unique and original design and which offers high-performance solutions. Bookshelf speakers, horizontal speakers, distinctive design speakers and soundbars are available for on-site testing. On display: The Three, The Fives, The Sevens, The Nines – THX Series – PRO-180RPC LCR model – CINEMA sound bar. SENNHEISER is the brand recognized all over the world for its high-performance products with an elegant and refined design. On display, to try and listen to, true wireless headphones, wired headphones of different capacities and sound bars. On display: Momentum True Wireless – HD6602S – AMBEO sound bar – HD800 and HD 820 headphones.

And you ? What do you think of all these products presented by Exhibo at Milan Hi Fidelity ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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