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Expats: release date of the Prime Video series starring Nicole Kidman revealed

Nicole Kidman immortalized in the official poster of the upcoming Prime Video series, Expats. Among the news, also the official release date

Prime Video exclusively reveals the official release date of the series Expats. Premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, starring the Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman; among the news bouncing around the web, the official poster was also revealed. In addition to announcing theThe series arrives starting January 26th on the well-known Prime Video platform, places a big clue about its setting: the universe of Hong Kong in its most tumultuous and tormenting side, experienced through the eyes of three young women.

Directed by Lulu Wang, Expats will be available on Prime Video starting January 26th. Let’s discover the official poster below.

Expats: release date of the Prime Video series starring Nicole Kidman revealed

Expats: details on the release of the next Prime Video series starring Nicole Kidman

The empty street of a night market. Sadness and desolation clash violently towards the elegance and composure of the iconic Nicole Kidman. Shooting on one background of solitude in a mix of order and disorder; she fits perfectly with the fleeting boundary brought forward by the story.

Set in 2014 Hong Kong, Expats features the story of three women (Margaret, Hilary and Mercy), whose lives meet by chance following a tragic family accident. Based on the international bestselling novel by Janice Y. K. Lee, The Expatriates; the series of Prime Video questions the fragile boundary between victimhood and guilt, through three visions and social classes.

In addition to the aforementioned Kidman, the cast will include: Sarayu Blue; Ji-young Yoo; Brian Tee; Jack Huston, along with newcomer Tiana Gowen. The names of Bodhi del Rosario will follow; Valarie Yu; Amelyn Pardenilla and Ruby Ruiz. Written by Park, Bell, Lee, Vera Miao and Gursimran Sandhusees in the role of executive producers Lulu WangDaniele Melia, Per Saari, Alice Bell, Theresa Park e Stan Wlodkowski.

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