Expert Raw, the Samsung App for photography enthusiasts

Expert Raw, l'App Samsung per gli appassionati di fotografia thumbnail

We all know that Samsung’s camera is packed with features that make our shots practically flawless. But the company wanted to add even more for photography enthusiasts (as if that wasn’t enough, let us tell you). Here then comes l’App Expert Raw, released for now in Beta version within the Galaxy Store. By downloading it, users will be able to access the pro mode for 3x telephoto and 10x telephoto. But let’s find out something more in detail.

Expert Raw, the Samsung App that improves camera performance

In the last few hours, Samsung has released the Expert Raw App in South Korea, which offers features like the supporto RAW a 16 bit based on multiple frames at main telephoto, ultra-wide, and periscope cameras. This means that you will be able to ensure RAW shots with improved sharpness, detail and dynamic range. But the improvements introduced by the application to the Samsung camera don’t seem to stop there. Apparently, this one also delivers HDR functionality, the JPEG support, and the ability to export RAW profiles into Adobe’s Lightroom.

In addition, Expert Raw is able to ensure to users passionate about photography all the controls of the pro mode of telephoto lenses, such as the exposure, l’ISO, the shutter speed, saturation, white balance and much more. Including the ability to access the histogram to recognize the presence of over or underexposed areas. In short, a full-fledged Samsung camera upgrade. Although for now the App is available only for the Galaxy S21 Ultra and for the Android 12 operating system. Apparently, however, devices such as Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy Tab S5e could receive the application in a short time. And maybe the App could even arrive in Italy, who knows.