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Explorer Pro: Singyee’s electric scooter review

Having become one of the most used means of transport in the city, the offer of electric scooters is starting to be really abundant. In the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to try Singyee Explorer Pro, distributed in Italy by Nital, which does not differ too much from the others on the market, but which struck me for some interesting features.

And I have to be honest, until recently I was extremely reluctant to this type of urban mobility, but since I have been committed to understanding what so many people found in electric scooters in recent months, I admit that I have had to change my mind. They are comfortable, practical and extremely easy to use. But let’s go in order and see how it is done and how it behaves on the road on Singyee Explorer Pro.

Technical features

The Explorer Pro scooter has a frame built in aluminum and can count on 10-inch wheels with an inner tube. The lithium-ion battery on board is a 36V 8AH, capable of guaranteeing up to 30 km of autonomy with one charge. The rated power of the electric motor of this scooter is 350W.

Explorer Pro

Equipped with ABS + PC, the practical Singyee scooter can also count on one double front suspension, which makes driving quite comfortable even on roads that are not perfect. Speaking of brakes, however, we have a front drum brake and an electric rear brake.

There are three different selectable speed levels that activate a limiter on 5, 20 or 25 Km / h, so you can always adjust the thrust according to the situation. It can be easily selected from the single button on the handlebar, just below the small display that integrates the digital speedometer. Speaking of the display, this also indicates the remaining battery level indicated on 4 bars.

Explorer Pro

Incorporated into the Explorer Pro chassis too front and rear LED lights, which can provide good visibility when traveling in low light. There is no shortage of a bell and protection from atmospheric agents with IPX4 certification, which, however, is not enough to travel safely in the rain.

The overall structure is quite light and thanks to a practical opening and closing system of the scooter also very practical to carry. In fact, the handlebar can be fixed to the rear wheel making the Explorer Pro very compact. The total weight is 15.8Kg.

Explorer Pro on the road: Singyee’s scooter test

After a first long recharge the Explorer Pro is ready for use. Wearing the protective helmet and given the first push I started sailing on this vehicle appreciating the ease of speed adjustment and a little less that of braking. In fact, in the first moments, you have to become familiar with the brake lever in order not to risk too abrupt braking.

electric scooter

The double front shock absorber allows for good stability even when the ground is not perfect, for example if we encounter rails or small disconnections on our road. Thanks to this system, vibrations are generally very well attenuated and driving this Explorer Pro is a pleasure. In addition, the 10-inch wheels offer good grip on the ground and at the same time excellent stability even going at 25km / h, the maximum possible with this electric scooter.

The autonomy is also good, in fact I managed to cover about 24km with a single charge, alternating the various speed levels. The faster you go, the more autonomy decreases because obviously a greater effort is required from the vehicle. Speaking of effort, the Explorer Pro has some difficulty on steeper climbs, but overall it was a nice surprise.


I must be honest, although I have never particularly loved this type of means of transport, I must admit that in recent months I have changed my mind. And Explorer Pro, in particular, gave me a feeling of great reliability and safety, it will be because you don’t go beyond 25Km / h or because the work of the double front suspension is excellent, but I used this electric scooter with great pleasure.

The cost for Singyee Explorer Pro is € 399 and is distributed in Italy by Nital.

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