Extreme Networks builds the Wi-Fi network of the Berlin Olympics

Extreme Networks realizza la rete Wi-Fi dell'Olimpico di Berlino thumbnail

Extreme Networks is the official supplier of Wi-Fi solutions for the Berlin Olympic Stadium with the support of the partner together with the partner PKN Datenkommunikations and in view of the European Football Championship EURO 2024. The new partnership offers the German stadium the opportunity to exploit one rete Wi-Fi 6 high performance and able to meet UEFA requirements.

Extreme Networks brings high performance Wi-Fi to the Berlin Olympic Stadium

The new project announced by Extreme Networks aims to make the Berlin stadium more and more modern, inaugurated in 1936 and home to the historic victory of the Italian national football team at the 2006 World Cup against France. Extreme Networks’ new public installation will lead to the birth of largest network in Europe for Wi-Fi 6 technology, the new reference standard for wireless networks. This solution will be able to better manage the connectivity needs of plant personnel, spectators and the media for the next few years.

The details of the project

The system created by Extreme Networks foresees the installation of oltre 1.000 Access Point Extreme Wireless able to cover the 75,000 seats of the Berlin Olympic Stadium. In this way, in the stadium it will be possible to benefit to the maximum from high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity. The Extreme software also promises simplified management of the entire infrastructure. With Extreme Analytics it will allow the stadium organization to optimize the network by evaluating the use of resources by users.

We remind you that the company is the official supplier of Wi-Fi solutions for many sporting events. Since 2013, for example, Extreme Networks has been collaborating with the NFL. Furthermore, from 2021, the partnership with the MLB began. The company can count on a solid experience in the installation of Wi-Fi networks of this type. The German stadium will certainly benefit from the potential of the service.

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