Ezviz SD7 review: a screen to control the smarthome

In this review we talk about the EZVIZ SD7 screen which is used to control all the smart devices of the renowned brand from one place

In our review of theEzvizSD7, we'll explore this battery-operated touch monitor designed to simplify the management of Ezviz security devices. With its intuitive dashboard, it offers quick access to the status of various devices and video images on a large screen. Its versatility allows for effortless customization of settings, providing an unprecedented security control experience. Let's discover them together characteristics not performance which make the Ezviz SD7 an excellent option for enhancing your home security o corporate.

Ezviz SD7 review: a screen to control the smarthomeEzviz SD7 review: a screen to control the smarthome

Packaging and unboxing | Ezviz SD7 review

In the Ezviz SD7 box you will find everything you need for an easy and hassle-free installation. The package includes it smart Screen SD7, a Type-C cable for charging and connectivity, along with a handy wall mount and screw kit for a secure and stable installation. Additionally, an installation sticker and double-sided adhesive are included for easy placement and attachment. Complete the package with a quick guide that will guide you through the first steps configure e use your Ezviz SD7 without any problems.

Technical features

Before delving into the user experience, let's take a look at the technical features most important of this device.

  • Dimensions: 111 x 180 mm
  • Thickness: 15.6 mm
  • Screen in inches: 6,97
  • Resolution: 1024×600
  • Battery capacity: 4600 mAh
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Interface: Built-in microphone and built-in speaker

Ezviz SD7 review: a screen to control the smarthomeEzviz SD7 review: a screen to control the smarthome

User experience | Ezviz SD7 review

The user experience with the Ezviz SD7 was extremely positive in several respects. First of all, the product stands out for its excellent finishing, also highlighted by the presence of the stand included in the package, which allows you to place it con elegance on any desk or sideboard, integrating harmoniously with any furnishing style. Furthermore, thanks to the possibility of fixing it to the wall via the same stand, installation becomes a clutter-free and extremely versatile operation. Ease of installation is another strong point of the Ezviz SD7: by connecting via l’app and the WiFi, allows you to keep all the information under control cameras Ezviz installed at home, offering the possibility of monitoring not just the internal and external environmentsbut also devices like lo peephole where he intercom. This feature makes it particularly suitable for multi-level homes, offering complete and immediate control wherever you are.

On the device itself, there is an on/off button and a port Type-C for the recharge, ensuring practical and intuitive use. Furthermore, for those who have cameras motorized, the Ezviz SD7 offers the convenience of being able to control them directly from your screen, adding an additional level of control and customization. However, a small flaw worth mentioning is the lack of automatic brightness adjustment, limiting its management to manual control. Despite this, the Ezviz SD7 confirms itself as a versatile, elegant and highly functional security device, which will satisfy the control and monitoring needs of any user.

Ezviz SD7 review: a screen to control the smarthomeEzviz SD7 review: a screen to control the smarthome

Main functions and compatibility | Ezviz SD7 review

The key features and compatibility of the Ezviz SD7 make it a device Of versatile security e advanced, capable of satisfying a wide range of monitoring and control needs. Currently, the Ezviz SD7 supports up to 30 Ezviz devices connected simultaneously, offering complete and integrated control of all security equipment in the home. It `s important to note that the list of the compatible devices and the maximum number of connectable devices will be extended through OTA updates in the near future, so it is recommended to verify the compatibility of the product before purchasing.

Currently, the Ezviz SD7 is compatible with a wide range of Ezviz devices, including intercoms, doorbells, smart locks and cameras. This interoperability allows you to integrate easily il monitor SD7 into your existing security network, expanding your control and monitoring capabilities. Thanks to the Ezviz app, you can control the SD7 monitor remotely, allowing quick and easy access to security features wherever you are. This adds a level of flexibility and convenience, allowing users to monitor their home or office even when they are not physically present.

The Ezviz SD7 is equipped with a 4,600 mAh rechargeable lithium batterywhich guarantees prolonged autonomy it is reliable. Charging is via USB Type-C, offering universal compatibility and greater convenience. Finally, the function of two-way communication allows you to interact directly with whoever is on the other side of the monitor, adding an extra layer of security and control to your home or office.

Ezviz SD7 review: a screen to control the smarthomeEzviz SD7 review: a screen to control the smarthome


Ezviz SD7 is confirmed as a solution complete e reliable for monitoring and check from the home security or corporate. With a competitive price of around €130/150, in line with its competitors, it offers an excellent combination of advanced features and elegant design. Particularly suitable for multi-storey homes, the SD7 allows you to easily manage security and the intercom from a single device, offering an integrated and convenient solution. With its intuitive interface, its rechargeable battery and its compatibility with a wide range Of devices Ezviz, the Ezviz SD7 stands out as an ideal choice for anyone looking for a versatile and functional security monitor.

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Points in favor

  • Great design
  • Many compatible devices
  • Sufficient autonomy
  • Possibility of moving motorized cameras

Points against

  • Only manages EZVIZ products
  • Manual brightness adjustment only
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