Tesla: the strike in Sweden continues

The US multinational company has been facing various problems for quite some time and it seems that the Tesla strike in Sweden has not yet stopped, despite the CEO's optimism

The American car company He's not doing very well. Just a few weeks ago there was an attack by an anarchist group on the Tesla headquarters in Germaniaa Berlin. Now, however, things continue to be problematic for the Tesla company, with the strike in Sweden continuing to persist, despite the CEO and founder of the US company, Elon Musk, having very optimistic expectations regarding the situation. Just a few days ago, in fact, the South African billionaire entrepreneur had responded to a question regarding the issue, revealing that things are about to be resolved and that he trusts in the workers to ensure that the strike reaches its conclusion by finding a solution. Unfortunately for him, and for many of the company's customers, things are not like that at all.

Tesla: the strike in Sweden continuesTesla: the strike in Sweden continues

The Tesla strike in Sweden worries investors

In fact, Elon Musk's thesis was contradicted Jesper Petterssonthe spokesperson for IF Metall, who confirmed that the strike is far from finished. In fact, he even says that it could escalate even more. So while no other Tesla electric cars are produced in Sweden, Elon Musk is counting on over 120 mechanics to at least take care of the maintenance of those already produced. The situation is clearly worrying all investors of the Tesla company who, given the situation, now have even more doubts about investing money in the shares. Especially considering the fact that the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund holds 1% of the shares, which therefore requires a considerable expense. For this reason, the fund urged Tesla to respect the rights of association and collective bargaining, in order to guarantee a work and economic stabilitywhich they are not experiencing now precisely because of the strike.

What do you think? We trust that the situation will be resolved and that everyone will return to work with their full rights and with maximum tranquility. Continue to follow us on techgameworld.com for other news from the world of motors and much more.