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F1 2022: unveiled the day of the official announcement

Electronic Arts has recently scheduled the official announcement of F1 2022 via a site that shows the presentation countdown

Fans have been waiting for a long time now the official announcement of F1 2022 and finally the big day has arrived. Electronic Arts recently announced that Codemasters’ F1 2022 will be officially revealed tomorrow at 17:00. On the official website there is a countdown timer that advertises the game as a “New Era of Formula 1“And at the moment there is no other information about the game.

Don’t miss the official F1 2022 announcement tomorrow!

However, in recent months there have been a lot of rumors regarding the announcement of F1 2022 along with various information on the titles. Insider Tom Henderson reported last month that the racing simulator is likely to come released later this year, so the official release date for the end of the year could be revealed during the presentation. With regard to Braking Pointthe story mode introduced in last year’s chapter, will unfortunately not return due to apparent time constraints in development.

F1 2022: unveiled the day of the official announcement

Also according to rumors, players will have a hub called F1 LIFE which will provide “a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of true Formula 1 drivers”. It will be possible buy and collect luxury items such as expensive objects and eyewear of great designer names. There will also be available supercars to collect which can be used for racing, excluding multiplayer. Presumably the cross-playbut only in a post-launch update alongside new tracks such as Algarve International Circuit to Portimao and Shanghai International Circuit in China.

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