F1 2024 GP Australia: where to see the event

From March 21st it is impossible to miss the third round of F1 2024 Australian GP, ​​let's find out where to see the event and other curiosities

Dal 21 Marchan unmissable event enters the world of motor racing: the third round of the 2024 Formula 1 season, the Australian Grand Prix, will be held on the Melbourne circuit.

This event will follow the traditional weekend format, unlike previous races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, with the race regularly taking place on Sunday rather than Saturday. Qualifying will take place on Saturday, together with the third free practice session, while Friday will see the cars take to the track for the first and second practice sessions. free tests. As for Australia's schedule, the first event is set for Thursday 21 March with the drivers' press conference at 13:00, followed by the first laps on the track with the first free practice session at 2.30am and the second at 6.00am. During the night between Friday and Saturday, there will be a show Sprint Race di F2 e F3a prelude to the qualifications of the F1 which will start at 6:00 in the morning.

The Formula 1 race will air exclusively live from 5am on Sunday on various platforms, including Sky Sports One, Sky Sport F1, Sky Sport 4K e in streaming su NOW. There will be numerous performances during the day, in particular at 10:00, 14:00 and 20:00. The commentary will be entrusted to new voices, with pre- and post-race insights provided by other well-known faces from the automotive scene. Technical analyzes will be conducted by industry experts, with interviews and commentary further enriching the fan experience.

Qualifying will be broadcast deferred on TV8 starting from 10:00. The race of March 23 will be live at 5:00 (with deferral to 14:00 are TV8).

F1 2024 GP Australia: where to see the eventF1 2024 GP Australia: where to see the event

Where to see the event? | F1 2024 Australian GP

Thursday 21 March
Ore 12.45: Paddock Live Pit Walk
1.00 pm: drivers' press conference
1.30pm: 4 friends in the box: Marc and Ivan
Ore 22.45: F3 – Prove Libere
Ore 23.55: F2 – Prove Libere

Friday 22 March
Ore 2.15: Paddock Live
2.30 am: F1 – free practice 1
Ore 3.30: Paddock Live
3.55 am: F3 – Qualifying
Ore 5.45: Paddock Live
6.00 am: F1 – free practice 2
Ore 7.00: Paddock Live
7.25 am: F2 – Qualifying
Ore 8.15: Paddock Live Show
8.45am: Team Principal press conference (delayed)

Saturday 23 March
Ore 01.10: F3 – Sprint Race
Ore 02.15: Paddock Live
02.30 am: F1 – free practice 3
Ore 03.30: Paddock Live
Ore 04.10: F2 – sprint race
Ore 05.30: Paddock Live
06.00 am: F1 – qualifying (delayed TV8, 10.00 am)
Ore 07.15: Paddock Live
Ore 07.45: Paddock Live Show
12.00: F1 – qualifying (rerun)
2.00 pm: F1 – qualifying (rerun)
Ore 23.00: F3 – Feature Race

Sunday 24 March
Ore 01.30: F2 – Feature Race
Ore 04.00: Paddock Live
05.00 am: F1 race (delayed TV8, 2.00 pm)
Ore 07.00: Paddock Live
Ore 07.30: Debriefing
Ore 09.00: Race Anatomy
10.00 am: F1 race (SKY rerun)
2.00 pm: F1 race (SKY rerun)

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