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F1: Christian Horner has been fired

Eventually the theory was confirmed, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner was fired and the team decided to remove him from the world of Formula 1, ending his career

Just a few days ago the news arrived that Christian Horner was at risk of dismissal, due to some incorrect behavior by the team principal towards his team. It is not yet clear whether that was why Horner did it sexual harassment towards a female employee, or simply for toxic and excessively serene behavior. This is the end of a great chapter in Formula 1, especially considering that Horner was there for before Red Bull arrived.

F1: Christian Horner has been fired

Why was Christian Horner fired from F1?

This case, if desired, could be compared to that of Overmars. In Overmars’ time, in that case, he was fired for doing things sexual harassment of multiple female employees, which then also led to a two-year suspension by the commission. Horner, however, he always denied of having done sexual harassment, but now his experience in Red Bull it’s definitely over. This dismissal, however, could be very heavy, because Christian Horner in Red Bull. The official announcement could come directly next week from the Finnish journalist Mervi Kalliomain face of the Viaplay channel sent to Bahrain for the start of the season test.

But things seem to be getting really bad for Red Bull, given that Ajax collapsed at the time of Overmars’ dismissal. Red Bull, unfortunately, could run into serious problems. If instead it had been someone else who had ended up in the spotlight, there wouldn’t even be any internal images, the dismissal would have come immediately. In this case, however, the situation is much more serious. Christian Horner is not only the team principal of Red Bull, he is also theCEO. Horner has participated in many events, both marketing and racing, so his departure will cause quite a few problems for the team.

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