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Home automation: what it is and how to make your home smart!

You will surely have heard of it, it is an interesting topic so why not delve deeper into home automation: what it is, advantages and disadvantages and above all how to make your home (and your life!) smarter

What is home automation? By now you will surely have heard about it, but few of you will know that, in reality, the first ideas of home automation date back to the mid-19th century (yes, you understood correctly), when rudimentary systems for temperature regulation were placed on the market. The twentieth century was then a century of great innovations in the home automation field, especially thanks to the lowering of costs and the increased diffusion of computers and the internet. The explosion then occurred in the digital age starting from the 2000s, with the ever-increasing presence of smart devices such as phones and tablets in everyday lives. Yes, but we still haven’t told you what home automation is.

Home automation: what it is and how to make your home smart!

What is home automation?

Home automation represents, in general, the evolution of living in a house. A science that transforms it into an intelligent and automated system, in which you can control lights, temperature, appliances and security systems with a touch or, even better, with a voice command. Home automation is therefore that set of technologies that integrate various control systems for the automated management of various domestic functions, such as:

  • Lighting: turning the lights on and off, but also intensity adjustment
  • Climate: temperature control in summer and winter, ventilation control
  • Safety: control of alarm systems, video surveillance, access and fire prevention
  • Home appliances: most household appliances can be managed, such as a washing machine, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, as long as they are equipped with a Wi-Fi connection
  • Irrigation: automatic management of the garden irrigation system

Home automation: what it is and how to make your home smart!

Benefits | Home automation: what it is and how to make your home smart!

Among the major advantages of installing a home automation system in your home environment, we find the comfort. Think about the convenience of being able to manage your home remotely, wherever you are: at work, on holiday, shopping. Any aspect of your home can be automated, thanks also to the creation of personalized scenarios for different activities (“leaving home”, “returning home”, “holiday”) or managed simply with a few taps on your mobile device.

Another of the advantages is definitely energy efficiency, which we will certainly talk about in a dedicated article. Through home automation it is possible to keep the energy consumption of household appliances and systems under control, as well as optimize the use of energy (and money on the bill), also significantly reducing the environmental impact. Find more information in our dedicated article! Furthermore, you can manage your systems safetyas well as check for any gas leaks, fires or floods, as is possible to make accessible your home to people with disabilities or mobility difficulties.

Home automation: what it is and how to make your home smart!

Disadvantages | Home automation: what it is and how to make your home smart!

Of course, not everything is perfect and installing a home automation system in your home will also entail some disadvantages. The first, purely venial, is definitely the cost: the initial installation can have significant costs, especially in homes not designed to accommodate it. Furthermore, some technologies are still very expensive, and require periodic maintenance and updates. Some devices are not compatible with each other, and it is therefore necessary to check the compatibility between what you purchase and what you already own.

It deserves a separate chapter IT security, because home automation systems can be vulnerable to cyberattacks if your line is not secure. The main need is therefore to ensure an inviolable network to protect your personal data and avoid malfunctions caused by viruses or hackers of any kind. And if we were to delve deeper into the issue of privacy, we would run into a whole series of problems with controlling our data that are perhaps best left out: this is not the most appropriate place.

Home automation: what it is and how to make your home smart!

How to make your home smart? | Home automation: what it is and how to make your home smart!

There are various solutions to make your home smart, from the simple installation of smart plug devices to control the lamps, to more complex systems that integrate different functions. For simplicity, we have summarized the steps in the following list:

  • Needs assessment: Identify what your goals are, what you want to do at home and what functions you want to automate
  • Choosing the right technology: there are various technologies available, from the most common Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, through Zigbee and Z-Wave
  • Device selection: choose devices that are compatible with each other and with the technology you have chosen
  • Installation of devices: following the manufacturer’s instructions, install the devices you purchased
  • System configuration: create your own account and configure your logistics preferences step by step

Home automation: what it is and how to make your home smart!

Main home automation systems available on the market | Home automation: what it is and how to make your home smart!

Amazon Alexa

Among the most used home automation systems we find Amazon Alexa, available in different types of devices (which you often find on offer during Black Friday or Amazon Prime Days). Alexa offers a wide range of compatible devices and a very intuitive user interface, integrating with numerous third-party services such as smart TVsmusic speakers and smart locks.

Google Home

A direct competitor of Amazon Alexa, Google Home is highly compatible with all Google and Android devices. It offers a simple user experience and the ability to control your home with voice commands. It can also be integrated with services such as YouTube Music and Google Calendar.

Apple HomeKit

The Big Apple’s home automation system focuses more on security and integration with Apple devices. Requires the use of an Apple device as the central hubbe it an iPhone, an iPad or an Apple TV.

Samsung SmartThings

Owner of Samsung, SmartThings offers a wide range of compatible devices and an open platform for developers. It integrates with numerous third-party services and offers advanced features (scene creation, automations).


Fibaro is a European home automation system that places a lot of emphasis on safety and reliability. It offers a wide range of compatible devices and an intuitive and smart user interface. Requires purchase of proprietary hub.


Nest is a home automation system that focuses on climate control and energy management. It integrates easily with other Google products, such as Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell.

Home automation: what it is and how to make your home smart!


And that’s all we had to tell you about Home Automation: we explored what it is, the advantages and disadvantages and some practical applications. Soon we will try to guide you in a quick and easy installation for beginners. Continue to follow us here on!

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